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Why A Professional (HUMAN) Copywriter is 100% Worth Investing In For Your Small Business

Did you know...

Brands that create more blog posts generate 67% (3x) more leads than those that do not?

Or that

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing (print, ads, PR etc) ?

Let me fill you in on a little secret...

A good copywriter is the #1 secret to a successful small business!

Whether or not you have a brick and mortar, or offer online sales - or both, you will benefit from optimized copy/content because it translates directly to increased brand awareness, web traffic and sales- not only now, but also for years to come!

Marketers are drilled with the phrase "Content is King" - because it really is EVERYTHING and will allow you to grow and scale your business when, where, and how you want.

Think about it this way... Your website is the only "employee" you have who is willing to work on-call 24/7. Are you really using it to your full advantage?

Unfortunately, most small businesses do not prioritize their web copy or content because they may not understand the benefits OR they feel it's too time-consuming for them or their team. The reality is that your blog is the CORE of your content marketing efforts so outsourcing this work can pay huge dividends and return. It's no wonder that 78% of companies have a designated content specialists.

Here are the primary reasons why quality (SEO-optimized, lead-converting and reader-focused) digital content can help YOU succeed, and why a professional, niche-specialized HUMAN copywriter is 100% worth investing in!

1) Because you need to be found by your customers. (i.e Search Engine Optimization)

The internet is a massively competitive space where all types and sizes of businesses can promote their goods and services. But to the search engines, it's not a level playing field. Google prefers websites over others, and there is a small group of experts (called 'marketers') who know Google's secret criteria to rank.

The content on your site is one of the key determinants of how you appear on search engines, and getting to that sweet-spot on the first page of Google, above the fold, is why other similar businesses could be out-doing you in traffic and sales.

Your customers are online. Meet them where they are, and allow them to find you in the exact key moment that they are actively researching their problem and looking for business solutions like yours.

Remember, if you don't show up in their search, your competition will.

If optimized correctly, your blog can be the visible, obvious choice because it'll contain the specific keywords your prospects are searching.

Users, and therefore search engines, want relevant and authoritative content as quickly, clearly and intuitively as possible. A skilled content writer can boost your rankings in the local search results and even the map-pack by optimizing your digital content using a variety of proven techniques and strategies.

  • On-site/on-page SEO using updated, authoritative, reader-friendly, keyword-optimized blog and sales pages

  • Off-site/off-page SEO to signal to Google that you're worthwhile, reputable business

By making your website search-friendly you'll reap the benefits through the lifetime of your site through ongoing leads, traffic, conversions and revenue!

Note: If you are a small site/brand, it's more important to focus on content creation than to worry about Technical SEO. But don’t neglect the back-end completely! Ensure your site is mobile-friendly, has a good site speed, and is easy to navigate. These factors contribute to a better user experience, further boosting your visibility in the search engines.

2) Because you need to win over your customer with Value & Authority (i.e "Lead Generation & Sales Conversions")

If someone is reading your blog, they are exactly where you want them to be — on your website, where they can buy from you, or at least consider doing so in the future.

But, would you trust someone you barely know? Of course not.

In order to secure conversions, you need to build TRUST with your audience and credibility/authority within your industry.

And one of the best, most cost-efficient and effective ways to do this is through blogging. With this medium you can

  • TELL your unique story

  • NURTURE your audience

  • PROVIDE knowledge and expertise

  • REPORT news, announcements, statistics, trends

  • GIVE advice, tips, tricks, how-tos

  • SHARE reliable information

  • ANSWER important questions

All of these will draw your readers in and initiate a desire to learn more. That is because this kind of multi-dimensional content marketing builds upon the consumer's psychological and physical needs:

  • Likeability

  • Trust

  • Evidence

  • Solution

Clear, crisp, compelling and CONNECTION-DRIVEN copy will make the best impression because it embodies your brand and YOU as a subject matter expert and leader in your field. Customers want to work with you when they see you as professional, credible, and interesting- a keeper of wisdom and guidance on #allthethings.

You can differentiate yourself from your competition by tapping into your customer's deepest thoughts and desires (and then their wallets) by talking about what resonates with their lifestyle interests and choices.

Regularly posting of blogs has the power to

  • educate your reader

  • entertain your audience

  • personalize your brand

  • identify and promote your USP (unique selling points/propositions)

You can spend a lot of money on marketing, but if your content strategy is lacking, you won't get many sales. It's discouraging to waste so much time and money. The job of a great content writer is to help you optimize and correct any public-facing asserts: web copy, emails, blogs, product descriptions, post captions and more. This is all about your brand's reputation. Simply put: You need persuasive, compelling content to impress and convert your customer.

You can only build authority in an industry where people perceive your business as a trusted go-to. The only way to do this is by giving out truly helpful problem-solving content. Your content needs to depict to your potential customer that you (or your service or product) hold VALUE - that you are a reliable thought leader and expert professional who can help meet their needs once and for all.

There are probably hundreds of companies offering the same services as you, so what makes YOU different, and better? The content you publish, especially well-written sales pages and blog posts, is your first opportunity to show that you know your stuff.

You need to stand out to get noticed. For example, well-written blog posts show that you are keen on providing value to your existing and potential customers.

Bonus: You're not only trying to stand out from competitors and stand out for future customers. You should also be trying to stand out in the community so more people will want to know you, meet you, and work with you. Networking and community collaboration is a beautiful by-product of great content!

Google prioritizes and rewards content that is fresh, relevant and up to date too!

3) Because you need to engage your audience consistently to stay relevant (i.e "Omni-channel Content")

Brands today have a multitude of options for promoting their products and services. Professional copywriters can write effectively for all channels, including annual reports, blogs, brochures, email sales sequences, newsletters, social media, and press releases.

Always looking for fresh and consistent content to share in your latest email newsletter or on social media? New posts are an immediate way to start conversation, make a connection and build community with your target audience.

Direct your subscribers to new blog posts they find helpful and break down each long-form piece in to smaller digestible bits.

Your long-form blog content can also be repurposed into smaller batches of micro-content to scatter across social platforms and fill your content calendar quickly and efficiently. The results can be completely non-transactional, but still wildly beneficial because they build awareness, engagement, relationships, shares, or backlinks.

The best thing about creating good content is the fact that you can keep your target audience wanting more. And professional content writers are experts in the art of written magnetism and attraction, as well as big-picture strategy and efficiency to see how, when, why to publish specific content pieces.

​Bonuses: Every blog is an opportunity to...

  • capture leads and subscribers with links to opt-in forms.

  • go viral on social media platforms, further boosting your visibility and attracting more traffic to your site.

4) Because you need to save your precious time and energy. (i.e Improved Productivity & Operations)

Business owners have a lot of responsibilities. Small business owners especially can find themselves wearing many hats, and sometimes to their own detriment. Hiring a professional copywriter prevents burnout by allowing you to focus on important tasks.

There's no way around it - Creating quality content IS time-consuming! Although today's Artificial Intelligence tools can speed it up and increase productivity, you will still always need a human touch before you publish.

Content writing can be a headache and take a toll on any businessperson, especially when they have so many other moving parts to manage. If not given full attention, it's easy to make mistakes that could hurt your business in the longrun.

Protect your essential energy by outsourcing your blog to a trained, skilled, experienced and like-minded (in your niche!) who truly loves (and is good at) the "exhausting" process of research and writing. Delegate away the tasks that drain you behind the scenes so you can be free to focus on your soul-affirming calling/craft and the projects that you'd rather be doing to keep your biz growing upward and out.

What does all of this mean?

You need High-Quality, High-Value, and High-Impact Content (ie. Human-Centric Content)

Tempted to follow the trend and outsource your content to cheap content mills or the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems? Proceed with caution!

For small business owners, it may seem like an easy and affordable solution to use the application to save on the cost of a human writer.

But here’s the catch: the content it creates isn’t Quality, Valuable. or Impactful. Besides, Google prefers quality content written BY people, FOR people. aka REAL (human) writers. That's me!

While ChatGPT can generate text that is similar to that of a human, helping support the complex content generation process, it simply does not have the same understanding of context, emotions, and social cues a real person, especially a professional marketer would.

From ChatGPTs own words: "ChatGPT is a powerful language generation model that can generate human-like text. ChatGPT can be a useful addition to a content manager's toolset, but it should not be seen as a replacement."

Effective content, campaign and brand management requires HUMAN-NES. The human touch means...

  • deep understanding / comprehension

  • creativity

  • emotional intelligence

  • strategic thinking

  • relationship/community building

  • decision making with the bigger picture in mind

Remember, a copywriter or content marketer's job is NOT to just string words together to sell your product or service.

High-converting copy is a recipe mix of about 40% research + brainstorming, 40% drafting + outlining + writing, and 20% editing + proofing?

But our job is so much more than this. Our job is to craft a powerful message that truly resonates with your target audience, builds TRUST, and drives ACTION.

Even if your hired copywriter uses AI to responsibly draft a post they still need to spend hours...

  • UNDERSTANDING your ICP (ideal customer profile) to create relatable content

  • BRAINSTORMING and pitching content ideas to cater to search intent

  • DISTILLING ideas and thoughts into easy-to-understand and branded content

  • DRAFTING content briefs and outlines to craft a flowing guide and narrative

  • INTEGRATING client feedback and revisions for brevity and clarity

  • INPUTTING the most relevant keywords and tags for spiders to crawl and to attract more traffic

  • UNDERSTANDING your target audience (real human readers, not just search engines) - and their pain points and pleasure points

  • RESEARCHING a topic thoroughly to makes sure all angles and perspectives are covered

  • PROVIDING tweaks which the content original and unique to YOU so it stands out over competitors

  • CUSTOMIZING it for distribution across many different channels

  • CONSIDERING fresh, out of the box solutions and approaches to your, or your customer's problems

  • INCLUDING internal links to increase on-site navigation and accessibility and overall page rank

  • BUILDING relationships and collaborating with other departments, constituents and partners.

  • TELLING the personal story of your brand that can convert casual consumers into brand loyalists

  • OPTIMIZING on-page, backend and technical page components

  • SOURCING unique quotes, opinions, observations with interviews or other tactics

  • PLANNING cross-channel distribution and outreach strategies

  • INCORPORATING humor or personality, brand voice and tone

  • SELECTING images, videos and other media assets to add page breaks, context and visual interest

  • REVIEWING, editing and fact-checking the content before publishing

  • MONITORING industry trends and constantly improving their skills for success

  • ANALYZING SERP results to identify opportunities and new ideas

  • DECIPHERING key metrics and performance indicators

  • REPORTING impact and engagement

  • ADDING relevant citations, expert sources and professional references to build trust and credibility

As you can see, there is so much invisible work that goes into content marketing.

ChatGPT won't do any of this, however it can be a great tool in the initial brain-storming and content-drafting process. But rely on it too much and you face real risk, for several legal and reputational reasons.

ChatGPT generates extrapolated content from existing data (both human and AI-generated) and cobbled together to form something “new”. But sometimes it's not new, and its taken verbatim from other sources. And that's, my friends, is plagiarism.

Secondly, with AI, there is a risk of homogeneity. Search engines are already crowded with low-quality, hastily-produced and keyword-stuffed articles by generated by content mills to satisfy the basic SEO game. And it's possible that the widespread use of AI language models are going to potentially make that situation worse. How will your business distinguish itself from your competitors if your content is essentially the same as theirs?

Lastly, since ChatGPT algorithms are trawling all written material available online, there is no way to vet its authenticity and accuracy. Quality content is created from secondary research and fact-checking.

Separating Good vs GREAT Content

Your strategy for success is GREAT Content. What does "Great Content" look like exactly? It's


  • AUTHORITATIVE: factually accurate, well-researched, well-written, informative, thorough, expertise, trust-building

  • STRATEGIC: keyword-optimized, readable/skimmable, ready for omnichannel publishing and distribution


  • IMPACTFUL: drives action, traffic or engagement through emotion (empathy, compassion, personality)


  • HELPFUL: offering unique and original perspectives, valuable insights


  • RELEVANT: aligned with your audience's pain-points, needs, interests and search intent

AI-generated content generally lacks these qualities. So WHO can generate this level of greatness for you? Professional copywriters and content creators, that's who!

Real writers will deliver actual longterm VALUE, i.e your return on investment for weeks, months, and years to come.

And yes - the good ones are indispensable and irreplaceable-- and probably always will be. Sorry, AI.

Wrapping it All Up

Content is King, ESPECIALLY for small brands and businesses

Quality (relevant, valuable, optimized, audience-focused) content is all about building TRUST with your audience AND the search engines, establishing your brand as a respected authority in your niche.

Your visibility and conversion-power increase every time you can build a reputable new backlink for your profile or attract and keep your audience on your site.

There you have it: Several STRONG reasons to hire a content writer to create optimized and engaging content.

My rate isn't $X for "just a blog post" or just words. Nope, you're hiring a pro to provide expertise, time, research, strategy, and execution with the goal of delivering a lead-generation asset.

Every article is a cog in the brand's growth machine, which helps you

  • build your authority.

  • boost your search performance.

  • attract qualified leads to your site

  • compel readers to become customers.

How much is that worth to you?

Can you use ChatGPT and other AI to your benefit? Sure. But you still need a human to refine, fine tune and finesse the final copy if you want it to achieve your digital marketing goals.

The health and wellness is an inherently human niche. When you approach content creation as a wellness practitioner consider the implications of using non-human content.

Do you want a non-human voice representing your brand and business? Probably not.

Sure, ChatGPT and similar tools are free or affordable. But you get what you pay for. Is saving money and time really worth sacrificing your brand's longterm reputation and results?

Probably not.

That’s where I come in!

With over 10 years experience helping businesses communicate with their clients, I understand the value of content written by a real, authentic and knowledgable person.

I work with you to build valuable, authoritative content that positions you as an expert and your business as the first solution clients consider for their problem.

Contact me today to learn how my creative health and wellness writing will make your business soar!

Trust me, your customer is smart. They'll be able to tell the difference. And eventually, so will Google.

High-quality content --> High Search Rankings --> Qualified Leads --> Sales & Conversions!

Remember, companies that maintain an active blog have:

So if you're not investing in content marketing, you're neglecting a HUGE driver of leads and revenue.

Artificial intelligence technology can only do what's already been done, so for truly innovative and connection-based copy, you need content that is unique, fresh and REAL.

Bottom line: ChatGPT is a tool, not a replacement for human writers who understand how to use your brand voice and organize content in a way that allows search engines to crawl and index your pages.

If you have a website that's simply not converting (high bounce rate, low engagement rate) it's in your best interest to hire a professional to take a closer look. An experienced marketer and editor can act as that second set of eyes, ensuring all of the tiny details are in order so that readers focus solely on the content.

To make the most out of your content marketing strategy it's best to leave the "heavy lifting" to the experts. I can't wait to connect with you soon.


Erin Ratliff is a certified feng shui consultant, holistic business coach and organic growth marketer for earth-loving, heart-centered soul-preneurs.

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