What do you get when you combine an experienced digital marketer with an certified feng shui consultant and  professional organizer?


ME! Your full-service Virtual Assistant, Project Manager and Chief Marketing Officer, all in one.

You may hear other marketers refer to themselves as "marketing jedis", "growth hackers" "social media ninjas" "SEO sleuths", "digital rockstars" "blacksmiths" "slayers" or "warriors.


I could go on....

Ultimately these are all clever names to capture the fact that we're professionals working in an industry that changes daily, or even hourly sometimes - and requires deep expertise and a keen instinct. A marketer is someone who has to be both proactive and reactive, able to pivot and adapt at the drop of a hat AND make everything look good while doing it.


So what would my catchy job title be? Perhaps "digital geographer" "media intuitive" "marketing alchemist" or "energy muse"?


At the end of the day marketing is simply this: making connections. Linking people to places, product, or ideas or each other is both an art (creative, organized, simplification) and a science (data, observation, repeatable systems) . Whether it is through digital content or in-person community events, I am passionate and practiced in creating conversation and establishing relationships through emotion AND process.


I find success (and maintain peace) by staying the course, being as adaptable and innovative as possible, while also following my gut - something I have been honing in this sector for the past 10 years. Through lots of practice I have become a master of perception, persuasion, and conversion. 

In supporting countless clients and partners with their content management and marketing needs I am familiar with the complexities of this industry. ​From the agency setting to non-profit organizations to my own entrepreneurial pursuits, I have seen what works and what doesn't in getting noticed and discovered in the digital landscape. 

I believe in...

  • living with consciousness to your higher spirit or Source. 

  • aligning self and work with the natural rhythms of the Earth

  • being present in creative flow

  • trust and intention of the heart

Your Chi, your energy, your life force, is influencing everything around you- including your ability to be profitable.  As a lightworker and healer I am all too familiar with this, and feel called to share my wisdom with others.


At the end of the day I want to make sure my clients are able to focus purely on the work they love to do and not be distracted by the 'noise' of the outside world. 


Your business is your dream, and you deserve to see it to fruition. You deserve success and abundance. I invite you "under my wing" so that we can fly together, guided by the nourishing energy of nature. The sky is the limit on what we can achieve.

Love & Light,


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