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My Entrepreneurial Experience as a Human Design 3/5 Sacral Generator

In the last post I talked about Human Design and how it is an amazing tool for transforming you from a struggling Solo-preneur to aligned and abundant Soul-preneur.

In this post am going to get a bit more personal. But, before we begin, you may want to read this other post (Human Design 101) to give you some background!

I am a Pure Generator with a 3/5 Profile. And after hours of reading and research (and of course my own first-hand experience) I've learned that we have to do business, and life, very differently from the norm! Actually - we ALL do, but that's a different story...

Are you a 3/5 Generator in the same boat? Let's dive in!

"The vibration of being who you are and doing what you love is magnetic. You will align everything you need in your life with that energy.

Generators: The Basics

  • Percentage of Population: 35% Pure Generators, 35% Manifesting Generators

  • Energetic Qualities: Magnetic, Creative, Strategic, Innovative, Focused, Resilient, Purposeful, Productive, Passionate.

  • Life Purpose: To build work, family, communities or other systems that are innovative and impactful

  • Strategy: Wait to Respond/Act/Be Asked

  • Inner Authority: Sacral

  • True-Self Signature: Satisfaction

  • Not-Self Theme: Frustration

  • Lift Path/Journey: To create something new. Careers as Managers, team leaders, advocates, assistants, coordinators and planners.

  • Light / Highest Expression: Mastery over time, Attracting people and opportunities, having fun, having consistent ideas and inspiration

  • Shadow / Lowest Expression: Being misunderstood, miscommunication, Finding the right work, quitting, impatience, trusting intuition, Spirit or Source, Self- doubt, Feeling uninspired or uncreative, feeling pressure to be consistent.

Purpose & Drive: Build, Create, Thrive

Generators make up the majority of the population, with around 70 percent of people falling into this type. This distribution makes sense as creating and building civilizations and progress requires strong motivation, power and initiative.

Generators are those who carry out steps to move humanity forwards. They are responsible for turning ideas into action, problems into solutions, and bringing dreams into reality. Coordinating, Collaborating, Planning Producing and all the steps in between.

Some refer to Generators as the "worker bees" or "work horses" in society. This is a bit misleading because it implies that we should always be working or busy, moving and serving others.

In reality we should always be creating or producing - but only for our own self-interest and inner gratification. We will be consistently depleted if we are not working in alignment with our individual Passion or Purpose.

So, to most people a Generator's busyness will appear as work, but to themselves it should feel more as play. It is simply how they burn their energy daily for the greatest fulfillment and functioning.

Also, despite popular opinion, Generators require a great deal of rest and down-time. As you'll read more about below, ideally we should only focus our efforts and energy on a few key projects or the specific opportunities that are correct and meaningful for us.

In other words, a Generators energy must be directed consciously and intentionally, otherwise it will spiral and burn. In order to find the most alignment, they must therefore learn how to follow their gut instinct instead of relying on the conditioning of the mind or ego.

Following the Sacral takes practice. It's imperative that we are stubborn, selective and discretionary with our time, energy, and attention, otherwise we set ourselves up for overwhelm and exhaustion. We should carefully evaluate (through FEELING, not thought) whether or not experiences (or people) are worth their effort or in the correct timing.

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of a Generator is to find the work they love and to dedicate their life and energy to fulfilling that calling. The catch is that the Generator doesn’t so much “find” the right work as much as they allow the right work to find them!

Generators are designed to practice and practice on their path of mastery.⁠⁠


⁠For Generators to truly know what to do, where to go, what they need and more, they have to know how to find clarity and relief and drop into that deep intuitive place that is their guiding force, the Sacral. (More on that later)


The best way to access that intuition is by being asked yes/no questions. They don't really know what's true for them if they answer open ended questions, which bring them into their cluttered and conditioned minds.


They should respond to those questions with sounds, not words.


"Good decisions come from experience, which comes from making bad decisions first."

Mark Twain

Practice, Persistence & Patience

Generators master life over time and the easiest, simplest way of doing that is simply responding to life day by day and moment to moment. This requires endless patience and persistence, so managing the frustration along the way is paramount.

When Generators are presented with a new situation or challenge in life, they have an initial surge of energy. Things move quickly and seem satisfying and fun. But, inevitably they will hit a plateau of stillness or stagnation. These plateaus are cyclical, temporary and a crucial part of the Generator process as this is an essential time to rest, study, explore and feel their way into what opportunities may be coming next.

The best approach - or one that will result in the most abundance and growth longterm is to keep pushing forward on the path to mastery, rather than jumping ship. This path, full of challenges, setbacks, struggles, roadblocks and re-directions, will undoubtedly demand a lot of dedication and discipline to get through.

And of course, a lot of inner trust and knowing.

Strategy & Authority: The Art of the Delayed Response

Every Human Design Type as an Authority - a core energy center, and a Strategy - a method or mechanism of aligning. And consulting these "tools" or wisdom is necessary when making any decision that involves a commitment or life change.

And of course we can see it in the day to day - responding to life every day in what to eat, what to wear, what to do, who to see and of course- what kind of work to do.

Generators enjoy a defined Sacral center, providing the gift of a powerful gut/intuitive response which steers them on the correct path in life. This unique internal voice helps to make choices from Spirit and Source, which contributes to their health and happiness.

Before taking any action or letting the mind come up with its own rushed solutions, Generators should stop to ask for the approval of their Sacral. They should consider this Sacral as their inner "Chief Energy Officer" (CEO).

The CEO is the ultimate manager, provider and protector - preventing us from wasting time, resources, and valuable life force energy. How lucky we are!

I am here on this earth to respond to things, not initiate them.

What is the Sacral Response?

First, what it is NOT...

  • Intellectual or logical (originating from the Mind)

  • Gut or intuition (originating the splenic center)

  • Connected to feelings or emotions (which are from the Solar Plexus)

Instead it is...

  • The frequency of FULLNESS, satisfaction and pleasure. And in the most primal state of this lies the motivators of hunger and sex.

  • Pure life force energy with its own rhythm, power, intelligence,

  • The natural language of your instinctive awareness

  • Your heart's way of meeting each new circumstance in life.

  • Your soul's way of protecting you from the experiences that are not in line with your higher purpose.

  • Your body’s way of affirming or denying that something is correct to engage in or not.

  • An embodied energetic movement - an instinctual "auto-response" to whatever life puts in front of you.

  • Your inner authority of wisdom and deep knowing

  • Your attunement to the frequency and flow of abundance

  • Simple and Static - firm, non-negotiable, inflexible, uncompromising. Can't be manipulated or rushed

  • A direct response to something from outside your aura, or something experiential in the present moment.

The founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu spoke about Pure Generators as the only truly spiritual beings because we respond to life in every moment. Their truth is in the now.

A balanced sacral offers direct access to flow, flexibility, and fun. Once your sacral center is grounded in your true self you are embodying more of who you came here to be.

It's imperative to consult our Sacral before taking initiative on our own. (In contrast, if I was a Generator with an Emotional Authority I would check in with my Emotional center, not my Sacral.)

This is our inner motor, our computer, that will tell us, with general certainty, whether we have the energy to follow or complete the task, or not.

If Generators follow this deep inner knowing and give themselves permission to do what FEELS best in the body instead of what they think is right in their minds, they will align themselves with sustainable, full-spectrum wealth. It's a win-win!

The Sanskrit name for the sacral chakra is Svadhisthana. In Sanskrit, Svadihsthana means 'where your being is established.'

What does the Sacral Response look like?

While it is different for everyone, the Sacral authority can feel like, sound like, or look like several nonverbal cues, always on a binary scale:

  • Internal feelings or bodily sensations of light or dark, movement vs stillness, rising or sinking, on or off, relaxation vs tension, warmth or cold

  • Guttural sounds or vocalizations (if murmuring, mumbling or grunt)

  • Subtle movements (leaning towards or away, nodding or shaking head)

If nonverbal cues are not seen, the Generator may consult a pendulum, a divination tool which can effectively read the vibration to communicate the answer.

When the Sacral center is blocked you can’t feel your own life force, which distorts both your connection to yourself and others. So, Ask yourself...

  • Are you doing what you love in life and work?

  • Are you connected to your sensuality?

  • Does your body feel alive and free?

  • Are you sexually expressed and nurtured?

  • Are you clear with your yess's and no's?

  • Do you look for, receive, and DELIGHT in the pleasure that is available to you in every present moment?

The Sacral is often discussed as a YES / NO binary response but in my experience, it is a little more of a spectrum, with some nuances and grey areas.

Some indicators...

FULL YES - Act now!

  • Obsessive thinking

  • Feels exciting but also a little scary because its new

  • A physical arousal

  • Accompanied by many divine synchronicities

NOT YET- Wait for better timing

  • You love the idea and think it has potential

  • You're waiting for more divine signs and nudges

NO - Keep movin'

  • Feels like a good idea...for someone else

  • Feels like a"Should" or obligation

  • A feeling of avoidance or dread or disgust

How do Generators tap into and navigate the Sacral?

Mindfulness or meditation can help you become curious and more aware of the sacral center, helping you learn how to detect and discern between the binaries of “yes” from a “no.”

Tune into the sacral area of your body, right below the belly button, and feel how it responds to the tiny decisions you make as you go about your day. Practice asking yourself yes/no questions daily as a way to strengthen your awareness of what the sacral is telling you.

Belly breathing is powerful way to channel and engage our sacral energy. Imagine this space is filling up with the abundance of whatever brings you calm and joy - food, sex, money. Imagine your tummy is full and complete.

Pay attention to any thoughts and storylines that arise, as this is our mental or ego conditioning coming through to minimize or dismiss the gut. With lots of PRACTICE over time, you will be able to relax into your Sacral voice.

If my Response is “yes,” then I can move forward with confidence knowing that any energy output will be worth it, regardless of outcome. And if the Response says “no,” then it is not for me and I get to preserve my energy for another opportunity.

The key is to stop ignoring your yeses because of fear or because it doesn't "make sense."

There are two parts to the Generator strategy - the Waiting Phase and the Responding Phase.

The waiting phase is when you're waiting for something to respond to, a sacral response to give you the clarity and energy you need to take action and move forward

Step 1: Acceptance. Surrender to the moment and honor what you're feeling in body. Slow down and regulate with breathing exercises to release resistance, frustration, pressure.

Step 2: Open & Expand. Practice opening your heart with meditation. Open your body with hip circles and stretches. Open your aura through dancing, singing, and playfulness

Step 3: Activate Abundance. Get turned on by life to charge your magnetism. Indulge in luxuries that make you feel abundance and aligned. Make sure to do things that engage your 5 senses simultaneously such as sex or masturbation, cooking, eating (especially foods that activate the sacral chakra - sweet potatoes, oranges, pumpkin, carrot, apricot)

Step 4: Put Self on Path to receive and respond. Change your environment, change your daily rhythm or habits, try something new, notice what gives you pleasure, excitement, satisfaction.

Step 5: Keep moving. Build momentum in other areas of your life through productivity- cleaning, decluttering, running errands, exercise and movement, creating, art, design or any activity that gets you in a flow state.

Following the Sacral is not easy. It feels like a huge leap of faith!

The struggle for me personally has been...

  • I must watch for thoughts or narratives like "I have to..." or "I should ..." and make effort to avoid those actions

  • Saying no more frequently may be perceived as difficult, selfish or egotistical to some

  • I may appear to be self-isolating, or too guarded or private

  • I will disappoint or surprise others often by setting boundaries

  • I need to constantly check in with myself to see if I am genuinely doing something for myself, or to impress, please or perform for someone else

  • I will not figure it out by thinking about it, which is the mechanism I was raised to follow since birth

  • It can be challenging for the mind, an other people, to accept why I may or may not want to engage in something. When I can't justify or explain something logically with reason/ rationale, I may come across as being too "woo",irrational, immature, stubborn or uncompromising

  • I must release fear in order to see the world of possibility out there. That is challenging if fear has been my default nervous system response.

  • I fall for the wrong opportunities when I accidentally default to making decisions from the mind/ego due to conditioning, social pressure or impatience

Following the Sacral takes practice. The upside of expirementing with it and mastering it is that I get to...

  • Practice establish and holding a lot of boundaries for my time and talents, which will only help and serve me in the long run

  • Emphasize quality over quantity, process over outcome- in all areas of my life

  • Rest and relax more, filling my time with activities and experiences that bring me authentic joy and pleasure.

  • Orient to being authentic self and having fun!

  • Simply wait for an external stimulus to respond to, then ask my Sacral for permission.

  • Increase my energy reserves and once they're high then I'm able to radiate it out into the world or through my work, in accordance to my purpose.

  • Create a guilt-free environment of response within work and business: daily meditation, mindfulness and overall slowing down

  • Turn my energy inward whenever possible and use it to fuel my own needs.

  • Explore being in my body more, especially as a spiritual being

  • Stop committing to things that my energy can’t sustain

  • Release, replace, redirect or remove when something causes me continuous frustration.

  • Rest knowing that what is meant for me will feel natural, calm, clear (whereas what is not meant for me will feel forced, chaotic, or confusing)

  • Practice finding peace and acceptance in what I can't control

  • Extend my offerings, express my ideas and share my content only when I feel inspired and in flow- and without any agenda, expectations or attachment to an outcome of monetization or engagement.

  • Release my reliance on any intermediary or outside authorities such as a guru, priest, psychic, mentor or set of rules when it comes to making correct choices

  • Receive guidance from others who are in tune with me most, and who offer their wisdom first

  • Have faith that the right people and opportunities will come in the right time and the right way.

  • Avoid wasting energy by engaging and interacting with the wrong work, people or situations.

Following your Sacral is all about allowing your mind to move into the passenger seat and serve as a supportive witness to your life instead of the main decision-maker and driver.

Unfortunately, in the beginning of our Expirement, it's common for our Outer Authority (our minds) to continue to get in the way of our Inner Authority, our Sacral voice.

We'll experience limiting thoughts questioning and judging our logic, practicality, inclinations and desires. The thoughts will flood in, and unfortunately we simply won't have a satisfactory answer.

So how do we find harmony and reconciliation between the two?

One important practice is to live as if we already have our desire, thus shifting the focus and recognition in our identity centers. This is often called the Law of Assumption.

"If I can't be a good example, then I will be a cautionary tale"

What is the correct Strategy for a Generator?

The Generator Strategy is to wait to respond to what life brings them. This sounds very passive to a world that has trained us to hustle, dream, do, exert, force and manifest at all costs.

(Of note, Human Design teaches us that for all Types -with the exception of Manifestors - a mere 10% of the population- going out to "make things happen" is forcing the world to bend to your desires will simply not work!)

As a Generator I must wait for the prompt, question, or invitation from other humans, or my own body before seeking, striving, taking action or initiating something.

'Waiting' in the Human Design System context means

  • Existing in active state of being

  • Focusing on the present moment and current conditions

  • Giving attention to only what needs it right now

  • Extending the offerings that already have a green light/ Sacral Yes

  • Being available to respond (as needed) to new stimulus in the environment

  • Confirming and finding evidence that what you’re doing has been in direct response to an external sign and not as a result of programming or conditioning.

  • Working on creation and mastering my passions from all angles so that they will be ready and able to share to my human network when called to

  • Activating my 5 senses to regenerate my energy and aura

"Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity"


The universe, Source, communicates by sending these signs and signals which can appear from the people, objects, opportunities or situations in the form of

  • invitations

  • needs

  • questions

  • requests

  • offers

  • messages

  • reports

  • analytics

  • feelings

  • sights

  • sounds

If any of these occur in repetition, pattern or serendipity, then it is usually a loud signal from the Universe to pay close attention. This is data! It could be a test, or it could be the ultimate opportunity.

At the end of the day, I am much more likely to succeed when and if I respond to something external, from Source or Spirit, rather than out of my own initiative. In contrast, when I exert any forward momentum on my own accord, my magnetism and manifestation frequency literally turns off.

"If it's not a clear Yes it's a No. "

Greg Mckeown

The struggle here is that...

  • Social conditioning has drilled the narrative in me that if I'm not taking bold action or initiative, that I am not going to succeed. It's taught me to act as a Manifestor, which thrives in masculine energy as an aggressive go-getter, over-achiever- pitching, prospecting, and pushing my business at all costs.

  • I have a lot of energy and creative ideas and don't feel comfortable sitting still for long

  • Living from a place of Sacral response is radical in today’s world. It does not feel natural to follow your own your process, speed, and rhythm

  • I can feel like I have little to show for my work outwardly, which can make me feel or be perceived as lazy, inefficient, incompetent.

  • I will need to teach others, through example, of how I trust my body to make the right decisions for me.

  • I will achieve success only if my ideas originate from a response to the people around me, NOT because I am particularly special, creative, capable, intuitive or inspired.

  • I must practice a ton of patience - constantly observing and waiting, which is in conflict with my ADHD, high-anxiety, over-functioning personality.

  • In order to engage in the experiment of life, I must seek out human connection and surround myself with people of all types - which is in conflict with my introverted self.

  • I must work on building my confidence and self-esteem, and optimism and outlook that my existence is important and valuable to others

  • I must practice accepting that sometimes it's just not the correct activity, the right question or the correct timing, and that's ok

The upside is that I get to...

  • Respectfully decline or ignore institutions, systems or structures from the mind such as to-do lists, action plans - both short and long term, strict schedules,

  • Let go of the need to do all of the work just because I can.

  • Respond to literally anything I encounter or resonate with through exploration, learning and creating

  • Lean back and detach, and yet still be committed to my purpose

  • Wait for opportunities to come to me, and notice how my body reacts/responds

  • Focus my energy on "soft" creation- gentle yet impactful launches that will allow me to feel prepared to respond when I am called to

  • Learn how to be productive and creative in a non-conventional way, still moving my business slowly forward as I wait to response.

  • Spend my time mastering my craft "behind the scenes"- developing my offerings, products, services or programs or initiatives to their full potential

  • Instantly shift stagnation or unproductivity just by getting out there and experience new things.

  • Approach life in a more passive and feminine way, just like I do when responding to my environment, my needs and my feelings.

  • Stop controlling chasing, grasping, gripping, hustling and doing whatever other traditional marketing techniques used by other entrepreneurs.

  • Ride the wave of life. Receiving it as it is, moment by moment, trusting in what comes- like the rhythms of nature, trusting the larger wisdom and guidance of Spirit and Source

I am the Queen of False Starts, Wrong Turns, and Dead Ends

My Signature Frequencies: Satisfaction & Frustration

As a Generator I have a signature frequency of Satisfaction. This means the feeling of Satisfaction is my most magnetic state and the vibration I should aspire to daily to attract wealth and abundance. Based on this feeling I can begin clarifying and aligning what to focus my energy on in business and life.

I personally feel Satisfied when...

  • I am my own boss, choosing my own schedule, work load and projects

  • I am surrounded by beautiful, peace and prosperity

  • I am learning and writing about topics that naturally interest me

  • I am paid generously and substantially for my work, allowing me to live comfortably and sustainably with my spending, savings, investments

  • I am helping others reach their full potential

  • I am productive everyday

  • I am regularly receiving recognition and praise for my work

  • I am constantly learning and growing professionally and my professional credentials build trust and authority with clients

  • I am sharing my body, mind and heart with a small and selective few

  • I have leisure time and money for wellness, creativity, and exploration

  • I enjoy equal time dedicated to wellness mind (projects, admin), body (movement and rest) and spirit (family, hobbies/passions)

  • I have safe secure organized and efficient digital systems in place for filing, accounting, creating, planning, publishing and distributing content

  • I have a comfortable, sustainable stream of clients who resonate with me through word of mouth, or effective digital marketing strategies

  • I have a brand that aligns with my true, authentic self

  • I am doing work that feels meaningful and fulfilling

And, the odd thing is, when I look at these things I poured my intensity into which were unfruitful, which failed, or disappointed me; things I wanted so badly which I did not get, or which I got, but which did not satisfy me; false starts, dead ends, I have the same overwhelming sensation.
And it is not sadness. It is someone saying, “I love you. ”
I sense their overflowing love...
He who is melding the shards of my life—wasted time, wasted energy, wasted intensity–into a beautiful stained glass window sees me turn over these scraps of wasted things sadly, and says, “I will let nothing be wasted.”
And he says, “Yeah, I know. I know, you did all that in your silliness without enquiring of me. I love you anyway. I love you.”
And he says, “All shall be well, all shall be well, all manner of things shall be well.”
And he says, “Come, beloved. Want to dance?”

Anita Mathias

The Wisdom in Frustration

As a Generator my Not-Self (or Low-Vibe) Frequency is Frustration. This is my sacred sign to shift direction. It is part of my personal learning curve, but when experienced in excess can be completing depleting and debilitating.

When frustration arises we may feel hopeless, as though nothing is flowing or working, life feels impossible or against us.

If we can detach from that story and surrender to what is and then focus on what we want instead, we can open ourselves to the medicine and wisdom that frustration has for us.

We shouldn't resist frustration. We should lean into it, allowing ourselves to feel it inside and on the surface and express it in healthy ways.

Frustration is our Spirit (and Sacral) telling us that we're going the wrong way. It can turn our attention in the direction where our highest Self needs us to go instead.

The struggle here is that

  • Because my energy is one of productivity and results, people are constantly "relying" on me for projects or tasks.

  • I must practice determining/ discerning what excites my soul vs what excites my ego

  • I am programmed to push towards consistency, but my design tells me inconsistency is more natural

The upside here is that I get to...

  • Release the need to be 'on' all of the time and instead focus on sharing and connecting with my audience only when I feel called to

  • Reduce resistances and subsequent feelings of frustration, exhaustion, disconnection, depletion, or overwhelm.

  • Attract the customers who I am meant to serve - those who are mesmerized and touched by my presence or voice

  • The more I experiment to find what lights me up on a soul-level the more abundance can flow to me

  • Experience momentum and consistency naturally and sustainably

  • "Fake it til I make it"

  • Do things for the journey/art, not the destination/result.

  • Follow my passion, which is my only purpose, and my personal code to success, and the key to my prosperity and profit.

  • Generate sales by fully expressing and embodying my craft.

  • Grow my business in a sustainable, efficient and effective way by embodying my more authentic and genuine energies.

  • Redirect my energy towards something more exciting once I accept that something isn't working

Now that we've covered the ins and outs of Generators, I am excited to dive into the wisdom of the Lines of my Profile, 3/5, as well as some other defining aspects on how I approach life and business.

"Generators, Those things in life that are really truly for you- good, bad and indifferent, the littlest to the biggest- you have to let them come to you. You have to let them come to you, and it doesn't matter what it is."

Ra Uru Hu

The 3/5 Profile

3: The Martyr, The Explorer, The Pathfinder, The Leader, The Expert

​5: The Heretic, The Visionary, The Therapist, The Advisor, The Savior

Journey/Path: on-going trial, error, exploration, testing, mistakes, learning and growth, Constantly pivoting, changing and evolving, Here to experience all of the highs and lows in life, Thrives in freedom and play Light: Independent, non-conforming, curious, adventurous, experimental, flexible Shadow: attention-seeking, perfectionism, quitting out of frustration, leaning too much on the expertise of others

Journey/Path: self-healing, problem solving, leadership, coach, therapist or counselor roles, simplifying, organizing, streamlining, expanding, feeling needed, teaching, sharing

Light: Wise, Resilient, Courageous, Perseverant, Innovative, Efficient, Cheerful, Optimistic, Authoritative, Experienced, Lighthearted

Shadow: Recognition-seeking, validation-seeking, attention-seeking

Note this Line carries a Karmic Mirror with a Projection field - which means everyone will see their own weaknesses or strengths in you. It attracts people who aspire to or expect perfection, like yourself

3/5: the Martyr Heretic, The Great Experimenter, The Life Scientist, The Visionary, The Changemaker

  • Life Themes: Lessons Learned, Learning Through Experience, Leading By Example, Blessings in Disguise, Lemons out of Lemonade

  • Journey / Path: Accelerated growth and learning, Cycles of hardship and failure, Never settling, Trial and error, Trial and tribulations

  • Light / Highest Expression: Resilient, Endurance, Observation, Leadership, Innovative, Creative, Experimental, Adaptable, Flexible, Persistent, Dedicated

  • Shadow / Lowest Expression: Pessimistic, Cynical, Rebellious, Extremist, Perfectionist, Non-committal, Misunderstood, Victimized, Shameful,

"Peace. It is not a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It is a place where you are in the midst of those things and still have calm in your heart."


Failing Upwards

I admire those with a simple, linear, clear and easy path forward. Unfortunately for me, the Martyr Heretic profile is someone who is destined for a bumpy ride.

3/5s are said to be cursed, in a way. We are known as the most unlucky and disenfranchised of the profiles, but yet we are also the most resilient and most equipped to handle adversity. Also, I am not necessarily doomed to experiencing MORE struggle and challenges than the average person, but with certainty, those obstacles I do encounter are part of my larger purpose and carry a deeper meaning. Adversity will come to me for the sole purpose of lessons or opportunities for growth and awareness.

My journey IS my success. There is no way around it - I will attract errors and mistakes like a magnet. Thankfully, I am gifted with limitless optimism and resiliency that allows me to easily recover and bounce back from failure.

In full transparency, I have failed and fallen A LOT - across all areas of my life- from school, career, relationships, health and more. I've been through miscarriage, divorce, heartbreak, health scares, friendship drama, workplace conflict, near-death experiences, job loss and more examples of personal and professional rejection than I can count- and yet here I am, still standing - and better for it all.

Human Design wisdom has given me the peace of mind that all of those struggles in life happened for the purpose of my soul's quantum expansion.

At the end of the day, as long as I am honoring my Sacral then, in the eyes of the Universe and Spiritual Ascension, it doesn’t matter how many times I stumble and fall. What a relief!

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

Winston Churchill

The struggle here is that...

  • Feeling like a failure in the eyes of society is no fun.

  • I've been conditioned me to be timid, safe, cautious and risk-averse. As a Perfectionist I will rarely, if ever, do or try something if I am not naturally good at it, or fairly certain the result will be stellar.

  • I frequently feel disheartened, sad bitter or angry at the injustices of my life. Life just doesn't feel fair.

  • Even if others warn or advise me not need to do something, I still have an innate pull to figure it out on my own. I am stubborn, disobedient, defiant. It is my blessing and curse.

  • I sometimes feel so burnt out of failing that I strive to protect myself with extreme simplicity and calm - blocking out risks or any new experience that might disrupt my peace, unsettle the order or lead to shame or judgement from others

  • I feel like I am always stumbling or pivoting, which creates a lot of embarrassment, disappointment, and frustration for me, and - I imagine- confusion or concern from others.

  • I feel like I am perpetually chasing satisfaction, solace and success and never quite getting there.

  • I am very hard on myself. I experience shame and embarrassment even after first failure

  • I want life to feel comfortable and stable, so I can sometimes avoid change or resist new experiences. I can get into a holding pattern of staying safe in my own security and comfort, settling for mediocrity. This eventually leaves me feeling empty, hollow, bored and unfulfilled.

  • If I am vulnerable and share my process and journey with others then I open myself up to the pressure of their expectations and judgements.

  • I am required to practice courage and bravery regularly, and that can feel exhausting discouraging, and disheartening.

"Failure is the way through."

Holly Whitaker

The upside of Failing Upwards is that I get to...

  • Become so familiar with "losing" in work and life that I perceive the world in a very light, carefree even humorous or ironic way- which others find very relatable, intriguing and magnetic

  • Remove the word ‘failure’ from my vocabulary because I am learning and growing regardless of outcome

  • Replace the term 'trial and error' with 'test and learn".

  • If I wish, I can do all of my experimenting complete privacy in order to save myself from other's projections or judgements.

  • Serve as the Expert on certain niche subjects, using my varied wisdom and life experiences to help guide and educate others on what works.

  • Act as the Hero to someone else in need, while also accepting the corresponding acknowledgement and recognition

  • Learn how things can be better - and then share what I learn with the collective.

  • Join a long roster of famous entrepreneurs who have persevered through adversity.

  • Release the shame previously associated with all of my flaws and imperfections

  • Practice leaving situations that cause me to suffer from holding on, rather than waiting for them to release me first.

  • Practice embracing the messiness of trying new things- extending myself lots of grace and self-compassion along the way.

  • Practice how to navigate change and to improvise, adapt and overcome.

  • Practice leading with vulnerability - sharing my truth (the highs and lows) with others to create comfort and connection

I am meant to be on the front lines of life, experiencing it to the absolute fullest.

Succeeding Uniquely

As a multi-potentialite Generator, my experience of success is going to be more fluid and abstract than others. I am the ultimate free spirit with my head in the clouds, driven by creativity, curiosity, and a deep love for exploration! My greatest thrill and motivator in life is to accumulate wisdom, to"leave no stone unturned"- to see, do, have and learn it all!

Progress feels possible only where movement, activity and transformation occur.

It is important for me to feel the complete fullness of life - all of its ups and downs and dynamics, and everything in between. If there is too much routine or predictability, my mental health will begin to suffer.

The struggle here is that...

  • I naturally care too much about the opinions of others. I assume they are judging, criticizing or ridiculing my quirks and wiring.

  • The spark, the fire in me often burns out quickly. I tend to use up all of my fuel in the beginning of a new phase or project, leaving very little energy for the end.

  • I get restless easily and crave new situations and new beginnings, but also cling to safety and comfort.

  • I will frequently "fall out of love" with what I am working on. I will pivot, change directions or outgrow many interests, projects and passions, which creates the perception that I am flakey, aloof, indecisive, distracted, non-committal or irresponsible.

  • I feel misunderstood and unloveable because I have such uncommon life experiences, perspectives and perceptions

  • I may neglect some areas of my life or leave projects unfinished if/when they are over-ridden by newer, funner ones that take priority.

  • I always feel a chronic lack of time, having my attention pulled in so many different directions.

  • I must accept that I will still always have obligations and responsibilities in life that are mundane, routine and required. I don't get to choose the fun or fulfilling thing all the time.

The upside is that I get to...

  • Replace 'Go-Getting' (the temporary, fleeting, ego-level) with 'Goal-Getting' (the broad, longterm, soul-level)

  • Discard everyone’s expectations, including my own.

  • Write my own success formulas

  • Release the need to be the "best" at something in order to identify as that thing. Some things are worth doing and being even when they don't fit into a hierarchy.

  • Unlearn people-pleasing tendencies, shedding the identities of others that I've mistakenly taken on as my own

  • Release the pressure I put on myself to make progress on all the things, all the time.

  • Release the guilt that accompanies my history of dating or job hopping - knowing that it was my Sacral center protecting me from wasting your time, resources, and valuable life force energy.

  • Prioritize my interests, passions and projects in my own unique way.

  • Constantly stretch and expand my mind.

  • I can pass the time doing what love in my Zone of Genius, practicing and honing my superpowers of- researching, learning, coordinating, teaching, sharing, exploring, experiencing.

  • With each redirection I discover a little more of who I am and how I can improve or ascend towards the highest version of myself.

  • Live in the present moment more, without the worldly pressures, anxieties and concerns of money, time or chasing "shoulds" of safety or security.

  • Enjoy the icing on the cake: the validation and satisfaction that people will be attracted to my authenticity and alignment

  • Write my own definition for what is "required." So much is optional so I can pick and choose based on what my Sacral says.

  • Gain a lot of practice- I will have continued opportunities to master and perfect my craft

I am built to SURVIVE through Improvisation and Adaptation. I am built to CHANGE through Reinvention and Redirection.

A New Paradigm

At the end of the day, the status quo, mainstream living and working is not for me - and thats ok! I am here to pave my own way. As such I must honor that I receive the best guidance from deep within, not the outside world.

What does that look like? A lot of metaphysical "Woo"!

  • Astrology

  • Divination tools

  • Meditation and mindfulness

  • Magick

  • Personal development and self-healing.

Thankfully these Yin, feminine practices are becoming more accepted. So I can finally lean in and own that part of me with pride!

In fact, the general wisdom of Human Design is clear: Most of us actually don't need to follow standard business formulas, especially those based on the Yang, masculine of pursuit and initiation.

I am meant to experience life in the way my generative life-force "CEO" wants to be fully expressed - focusing on pleasure, satisfaction, fulfillment, and RECEIVING.

Is it going to be easy? No. Is it going to be worth it? Absolutely!

Of course this choice, this intentionality, feels scary and uncomfortable at first.

But I believe as more people follow their Design and the paradigm shifts toward the Divine Feminine then this path will not feel as lonely.

When my Sacral response is honored, it will open and guide me into the right relationships, opportunities and situations which allow me to be my most magnetic, highest self:

  • Confident

  • Creative

  • Calm

  • Clear

  • Energized

  • Empowered

At the end of the day, if I’m connected to myself, trusting and following my Strategy and Authority as a 3/5 Generator...

  • Everything gets done at just the perfect time

  • I attract the right people, opportunities and experiences right for me

  • I am able to end the day feeling satisfied and fullfilled having expended my energy in a worthwhile, sacred way

  • I am able to start each new day feeling recharge, refueled, refreshed

  • I am rooted from a place of true self-acceptance and self-love

In contrast if I am disconnected from my myself and ignoring my truth..

  • I am working against my natural rhythms

  • I am more prone to self-abandonment patterns, approval-seeking or people-pleasing

  • I may adopt limiting beliefs or organizational /administrative structures or institutions

  • I may take on the suggestions of others that leave me drained, depleted or disappointed

"When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate"

Carl Jung

HD - My Way

Like so many, my end goal was/is to build

  • A Strengths based business

  • A Freedom based lifestyle

And now, thanks to the wisdom of Human Design, that is well within reach!

'They' say that most small businesses are likely to fail. But that doesn't feel true for me.

Honestly, the less I’ve tried to “make things happen” in my business, and the more I've followed my inner joy- my DESIGN, the more balanced and successful I feel.

I'm ready for operating my life and business MY way! And maybe that looks a bit unconventional such as ...

  • NOT monitoring my metrics, analytics, or algorithms closely

  • NOT having an income goal or other major milestones

  • NOT publishing my business phone number freely

  • NOT having 6 months of living expenses in the bank

  • NOT posting reels and stories daily

  • "Wasting time" scrolling for inspiration/new ideas, or creating pretty branded graphics

  • Taking DAYS to respond to client emails, or if it's a fishy request- sometimes not at all!

  • Blocking new followers who appear spammy, scammy or slimy

  • Taking two extended vacations each year

  • Tuning out and turning in around the New Moon for manifestation work

  • Going "Off-Grid" around the Holidays

  • Making list after list but never getting around to completing any of them fully

  • Jumping into entrepreneurism without a clear plan or financial safety net

  • Acting and deciding painfully slow instead of painfully fast

Human Design allowed me to feel fully empowered in my own truth to go against the crowd, and at my own time and pace. And because it's all written in the stars, I'll still end up at exactly the same place in the end. My success is inevitable.

Permission to be messy and imperfect, but happy. THAT is HD.

"No vehicle has a more powerful and more expansive aura than the Generator's. This is the open aura, and enveloping. It surrounds things; it takes them in. And because it takes them in, Generators are deeply susceptible to conditioning. It's why of all the Types only the Generator is here to focus on themselves. They need to find that focus on what is consistent in them because that open and enveloping aura is going to bring things into them very powerfully."

Ra Uru Hu

The intelligence of Human Design reminds us that

  • We each come into this world with specific themes to experience, learn from, and use to expand.

  • When we understand what we are here to learn, we can focus on the most potent areas of our lives to create satisfaction and transformation.

  • Once we begin to see the conditioning we have operating in our subconscious minds, we can start to replace this programming with new programs that support the energized, satisfied life we want and that aligns with our our conscious desires

  • Our chart can provide us with the details of how we move through the world daily, so that we can make sure we are living the life that is right for us.

From my energetic blueprint I have learned what my genius is - what I inherently am here to share and give the world.

  • My Approach to Life (My Definition)

  • My Purpose (My Incarnation Cross)

  • My Weaknesses - (My Open/Undefined Centers)

  • My Strengths - (My Closed/Defined Centers)

And by knowing the same blueprints for others, I am able to communicate and connect more effectively, and provide remarkable and lasting marketing results for their business.

The core ethos of Human Design is experimentation. Even those who are skeptical can benefit if they put aside reservations and explore with curiosity.

And doing this means following a non-linear, indirect process. If we are truly following our Strategy and Authority, then life becomes about pure flow, like the navigation of a ship on open waters.

"Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity."


My Guiding Principles

To attract abundance and flow as a 3/5 Generator, I will...
  • Respond and React - not initiate

  • Preserve & Protect my energy

  • Trust my inner truth and authority

  • Follow my Passion and Purpose

  • Fail Upwards by surrounding myself with supportive people and resources

  • Succeed in my own unique way

"Look at your life in terms of what fills you up and what depletes you. Adjust accordingly."

Kimberly Garner

Life Lessons/Takeaways:

  • Know thyself and go inward

  • Roll with the punches , riding the wave of life

  • Let the body lead over the mind, FEELING over thinking

  • Try not to give into social pressures surrounding Open Centers

  • Follow Strategy & Authority (wait for recognition/invitation, listing to Sacral) when speaking/sharing with others or making decisions

  • Set strong boundaries for time, attention, energy and efforts

  • Practice Diplomacy to build more connection, trust, likeability, relatability

  • Reject the standard Pass/Fail binary narrative of social conditioning

  • Permission to pivot and change directions as many times as needed

  • Done is better than perfect!

  • Create support systems, cushions and Plan B's

  • Be cautious and aware of your vulnerability to Projection

  • Be patient- don't expect instant results

  • Take regular inventory of life for areas of Satisfaction vs Frustration, energy states and patterns

  • Find the wisdom in the Shadows and Struggles

  • Mastery takes patience and persistence

The path of our Human Design will transform us if we are willing to surrender to it.

This journey is about Purity, Purpose and Passion. We are going for the magic from deep inside the soul - a magic which will infiltrate into everything we touch or create- from our offers, to our launches, to our relationships, communities and beyond.

Get ready to love your life, and for it to love you right back.

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, experimenting, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun"

Mary Lou Cook

Interested in your own Human Design analysis as it relates to your business and brand? Book a custom reading with me today!


Erin Ratliff is a certified feng shui consultant, holistic business coach and organic growth marketer for earth-loving, heart-centered soul-preneurs.

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