• Erin Ratliff

How the Human Design System Can Help You Put the 'Soul' in 'Soul-preneur'

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Science and spirituality both point to the same fundamental truth: the essence of humanity is energetic. When it comes to understanding the role of this universal energy in human behavior, look no further than Human Design.

When I first learned about the Human Design framework a few years ago, I was fascinated by it because it

  • allowed me to introspect even more than I already do

  • encouraged me to honor my unique energy aura and energy flows in making decisions and engaging with the outside world

  • reflected who I was - the light and dark, the struggles and insecurities and my gifts, my strengths

  • gave me permission to be all of me - unfiltered, unmasked, uncut and unapologetic

  • guided me in understanding the way I was designed to work and relate to others

  • helped me prioritize which areas of work and business I should focus on

  • opened my eyes to my true potential and purpose

  • amplified the on-going or recurring truths in my life

Human Design is a relatively new concept/system, but it is gaining popularity, especially among those on the journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.

Over the past few years, I’ve integrated HD (and it's sister system, the Gene Keys) into my life and business. Now I'm honored to be working as a facilitator/coach and to be in service to humanity in a way that enriches others on this path.

HD is great for our personal development, but it is also one of the most powerful tools available for entrepreneurs to build and scale their heart-based, soul-led business.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation. The philosophy originated by Alan Robert Krakower (pseudonym 'Ra Uru Hu') in following a mystical experience in 1987. It combines Vedic astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and Chakra system.

Think of Human Design as...

  • Your energetic blueprint or map which has been inside of you all along.

  • Your personal navigation system - something clear and steady to tell you where to go, what to do, who to be.

  • Your roadmap to enjoyment, enlightenment and empowerment.

  • Your guidebook and unique set of instructions to create conscious, intentional choices towards a happier more balanced life.

  • Your body's owner's manual describing how you interact with the world through the electromagnetic forces in your auras

Basically, just like our physical bodies have a unique genetic code, so do our spiritual bodies. And Human Design system allows us to crack this code WIDE open.

Unlike a personality test that could interpret you in a specific and temporary emotional state, HD defines your universally fixed energies - ones you are broadcasting to others and also receptors where you are receiving broadcasts and transmissions from others. When you pick up or absorb someone else's energy it manifests in the form of emotions, thoughts, fears, and beliefs that ultimately do not belong to you.

Check out this post to learn the ins and outs and lingo involved in generating and interpreting a HD chart.

Human Design at Work

So many entrepreneurs make the mistake of "outsourcing" their business. They go through the motions of running our business by listening to coaches, mentors and colleagues - basically listening to everyone around them except themselves.

  • planning and visioning

  • creating our content

  • designing our offers

  • marketing our services

  • launching our programs

We push to get all of this done, pretending to enjoy it, but only finding ourselves depleted, burnt-out, feeling invisible and more confused than ever. Then we compare ourselves to others who seem to know "the secret" and our confidence only plummets further.

It's time to stop the cycle! It’s time to ditch the conventional business advice and scale your business the way you you were born to.

It's time to stop resisting your Design! Because when you do...

  • Life will always feel like an uphill battle

  • You will always be in "survival mode"

  • You will attract situations that are not right for you

Business IS personal

Newsflash: One size does NOT fit all when it comes to entrepreneurism. Traditional strategies and tactics may work for some, but not all- or even most. If you've found this post, perhaps you fall in this category of creative entreprenuers who are still searching for how to put the SOUUL in soulprenuer.

The truth is that we are all wired completely differently and no matter what kind of work we do, we have unique zones of genius - our skills, talents, knowledge, training and beyond.

  • Our Expertise

  • Our Experience

  • Our Energy

Yes, all three of these can, and should, be compensated for and monetized! We are each here with a mission to build and do incredible things in the world. Our bodies are the vessels holding our pure life-force energy, and our businesses are the vehicles to do what we love and align with our highest potential.

Stop competing with your competition, and with yourself! Instead of chasing your clients and customers you can turn all of your valuable energy inward. Allow your own internal guidance (your unique center of truth, also called your Inner Authority) to point you to your TRUTH.

When we embody our design and show up in a way that feels perfectly grounding and energizing, it ignites a spark and supercharges our mission and our work. And from there, there is a trickle effect of magic which spreads to our clients and customers.

There is nowhere to get to. There is no one else to be. There is nothing to prove. When you connect with the wholeness of life, who you are and the greater intelligence that is larger than all of it, you’ll see it's all guiding you to operate in greater ease and flow.

Once we know how our own personal energy interacts with the world and how we work best by design, we're able to unlock our own unique success story - full of rewards and reciprocity, flow and fulfillment:

  • effortless sales conversions

  • endlessly creative flow and inspiration

  • energizing visibility

  • optimized productivity

  • magnetic and engaging content

  • dream clients/customers

  • a meeting of your higher purpose

  • greater happiness and health

  • giving back - service and support for others in their own life journey (the icing on the cake!)

Using HD can allow you to create a business that is completely ALIGNED and AMPLIFYING your personality and energy and your unique gifts and talents.

No more self-shame. With Human Design you get full permission to be 100% yourself - all of your perceived shortcomings, inadequacies, weaknesses, flaws included.

Your Personal Energetics

Human Design traditionally divides humanity into four types:

  • Projectors

  • Generators

  • Manifestors

  • Reflectors

Each type has a specific aura and how it is experienced, observed and perceived by others. Our type can help us create our general business structures:

  • work flows

  • sales and marketing strategies

  • offerings and programs

Each type also has a specific frequency, a distinct feeling or energetic state, in which it THRIVES and relaxes into ease and flow.

This feeling is called your Signature and it should be your number one priority, as it allows you to tap into the miracle/manifestation frequency in all things.

Remember, YOU are you business. Therefor making sure you are operating in alignment in with your personal energy code can ensure your business will reach its full potential.


  • Aura behavior: Penetrating, Focused and Illuminating.

  • Gifts/Light: guiding, systematizing, organizing, optimizing

  • Focus: individual/one on one, not groups

  • Strategy: Only guide when invited. While waiting- focusing on creation and visibility, being seen

  • Block/Shadow: Feeling like you are behind or always in second place.

  • Affirmation: My success and ability are not limited to how much I do, but the power behind what I do. I am exactly where I need to be.


  • Aura behavior: Closed and Repelling

  • Gifts/Light: Motivating, Insightful

  • Focus: Solitude

  • Strategy: Initiate, Innovate and Impact. Gently Inform to create expectations, build trust, avoid confusion and resentment.

  • Block/Shadow: Either people-pleasing for safety (repressive) OR steamrolling with authority (reactive), Fearing censorship or control

  • Affirmation: I am free to be me and when my frequency is high, others will respond supportively.


  • Aura behavior: Open and enveloping

  • Gifts/Light: Impactful, Magnetic

  • Focus: Groups, contribution, collaborations, community, togetherness.

  • Strategy: Respond to cues, nods, nudges and invitation.

  • Block/Shadow: Doubts, insecurities, negative or scarcity thinking

  • Affirmation: I am not slowing down or stagnating, just integrating in preparation for my next uplevel. When I stay in the present I can observe the Synchroniticies which remind me that I am in alignment.


  • Aura behavior: Sampling, trying and resist or reflection (for protection)

  • Gifts/Light: Adaptability, Flexibilty, Fluidity

  • Focus: Self-energy, or A select few individuals, Self

  • Strategy: Wait until a Lunar Cycle for clarity and correctness.

  • Block/Shadow: Staying in unhealthy or unhelpful situations out of fear or comfort

  • Affirmation: I am in tune and in trust with my own feelings and truth. I can easily filter out energies that are not my own.

Business Operations, Planning & Foundations

What is my ideal business model?

Looking at the 1st Line in your Profile, as well as your most frequently occurring Lines of your other gates can reveal what type of business you'd thrive in.

  • 1st Line - prioritizing professional development and continuing education

  • 2nd Line- prioritizing periods of work alternating with periods of rest

  • 3rd Line - prioritizing flexibility and flow

  • 4th Line - prioritizing your network and connections

  • 5th Line- prioritizing impact and influence depending on group size

  • 6th Line- prioritizing space and distance

Which organizational and administrative systems should I put in place?

To answer this question we can look at Variables in your HD chart.

  • Digestion- how you process and store information

  • Environment - where you work best, office environment

  • Awareness - how you see your business and envision it

  • Perspective - how you plan and implement, measure and track projects

If the arrow direction is Left you will tend toward traditional, masculine, active or strategic practices. (Examples: To do lists, calendars, schedules detailed planning)

If the arrow direction is Right you will tend toward progressive, feminine, passive or abstract/creative practices.

We tend to overcomplicate the structural/logistical and psychological emotional side of operating a business but remember, at the end of the day all you REALLY need is :

  • A way to solve people's problems

  • A way for people to find you

  • A way for people to pay you

How should I best spend my time? What should be under my control vs delegated out?

As a general rule, regardless of Type, the more you spend time doing what lights you up on a soul-level, the more abundance can flow to you - in all forms.

Simply ALIGN with your Type's Signature frequency - the feeling of joy, abundance and fulfillment that is unique to you! And AVOID it's opposite frequency, or your 'Not-Self' theme .This your lowest vibration, and the indicator that you are out of alignment or balance.

  • Generator - Satisfaction (vs Frustration)

  • Manifestor - Peace (vs Anger)

  • Projector - Success (vs Bitterness)

  • Reflector - Surprise (vs Disappointment)

Instead of focusing on the traditional KPIs or the external, quantative world of revenue, conversions and engagement start tracking a different more qualitative metric: Your Happiness!

What projects and tasks give you an excited, instinctual, hell-yes reaction?

Every day track your time and then simply ask yourself how you're feeling. Any time spent in your Not-Self theme should be out-sourced, adjusted or eliminated altogether.

Eventually all that will remain will be pure JOY and high vibe business that you're in love with, that is authentic to you, and that comes effortlessly and easy for you.

And the best part - a business that is reciprocally rewarding, giving you the same meaning, health and happiness in return.

“Good fences, make good neighbors"

Robert Frost

Another thing to remember is that Boundaries make you more Valuable!

If you are always offering free products, advice and services, people will inevitably not value them as much. So go ahead, and make you- and your biz - one of premium exclusivity!

Our open centers will point to areas where we are prone to burn out, overwhelm, exhaustion and inauthenticity. This is simply because our bodies are not designed to hold the energies of others.

  • Open Solar Plexus - trying to make others happy

  • Open Will - trying making promises or commitments that can't be kept

  • Open Sacral - trying to rush or go without resting or listening to intuition

  • Open Ajna - trying to achieve a level of certainty or security

  • Open Head - trying to implement the ideas of others

  • Open Throat - trying to get attention or recognition

  • Open Identity - trying to prove self, validity or establish identity

  • Open Root - trying to rush or get many things done quickly

  • Open Spleen - trying to rush or go without resting or listening to body

Remember establish and reinforce healthy boundaries to protect your energy. The more you value yourself, the more your clients and customers will as well.

Which market/specialty am I meant to operate in?

Look at several key placements to understand your ideal business.

  • Your Natal/Conscious Earth is your unique zone of Genius

  • Your Natal/Conscious and Prenatal/Unconscious North Nodes are your personal life Purpose.

  • Your Natal/Conscious Sun is your Brand

  • Your Natal/Conscious Mercury is your Messaging and Voice.

Together these key placements reveal your most aligned Niche!

Alternatively you can look at which "House" (traditional Vedic astrology) the planet of Capricorn lies in your chart.

  • 1st - You are the Brand

  • 2nd - Natural at Business

  • 3rd - Communication-based Biz

  • 4th - Family Biz

  • 5th - Creative or Entertainment-based Biz

  • 6th - Lifestyle Biz

  • 7th - Business with Partnership

  • 8th- Biz with Investors

  • 9th- Travel Business or Business Philosopher

  • 10th- The Entreprenuer

  • 11th- Community Based Biz

  • 12th- Spiritual or Health based Biz

Lastly, you can refine your audience/niche and offers even further by looking at your Defined Centers.

What is my brand identity and voice?

Your Conscious/ Personality line (the first number in your Profile) can reveal the core of your being and thus your ideal brand identity and content strategy.

  • Your natural gifts

  • Your perspective

  • Your essence

  • How others see you/respond to you

  • Your magnetism

You can literally use the specific words and ideas that identify your type to build your unique selling points and your business copy, content and offers.

Doing this will give your brand an incredible edge because you are embodying something so natural and authentic to you, and that will create trust and connection with your audience - a literal magic and magnetism to attract the right people toward you to buy!

This will allow you to become the ultimate authority and expert in your field.

Creating & Launching

Should I...

Schedule this launch?

Create content?

Engage with this person?

Focus on this project?

Hone in on this offer?

Stick with this pricing?

There are endless questions every day as a business owner wondering where and how to direct your energy. It's so common to spin our wheels out and inadvertently making these decisions out of FEAR!

  • Fear of missing out

  • Fear of lack

  • Fear of unknown

Thankfully there is another way. The best course of action when you're faced with a decision or opportunity to act on is simply to follow your Type's Authority.

There are seven types of personal Authorities and each will ensure that your decisions are correct for YOU. These decisions come from the BODY, not the mind, which often goes in opposition of our life-long programming.

Try it! From this place, you will experience so much more peace, freedom, security. The incredible feeling of pure empowerment, and everything falling into place.

Of course, knowing this will not save you from making mistakes in life and work – but it will ensure that any you do make will feel rewarding and provide you with valuable insight and wisdom. So there is no wrong answer. What a relief!

What programs and offerings should I make available?

To answer this we should look out at our defined Centers, aka our "Profit Centers." These are the themes in life that will come most naturally to you and give you access to the most consistent energy and power.

  • Head: Share the practicality, logic and key benefits.

  • Ajna: Share how you embody what you teach, with the impact, inspiration and transformation that your offering/product will provide

  • Throat: Share with conviction and trust.

  • G-Center: Share your bigger, grand vision.

  • Will: Share your self and shameless self promotion.

  • Sacral: Share your passion and interests enthusiastically.

  • Solar Plexus: Share in a way that will speak to their heart, feelings and emotions.

  • Spleen: Share how this will benefit their overall wellbeing, safety, security

  • Root: Share from a place of freedom and choice, with zero pressure or obligation.

What type of content should I share with my audience?

Look at your chart - do you have the following Channels activated? These hold powerful creative energy for you and can be the key to your content strategy and content pillars.

  • 39-55 Writing, emotional and spiritual depth, blogging.

  • 30-41 Poetry, emotional depth, rawness, vulnerability, social posts

  • 11-56 Storytelling, curiosities, and progressions, blogging and social

  • 10-57 Designing aesthetics, visuals, IG feed

  • 1-8 Artistic self expression through design or writing, versatility

  • 20-34 Performing, captivating attention, public speaking, Reels, special events

When will my best ideas come to me?

To know when and how to harness your best ideas, look at your Awareness Variable - the top right arrow on your chart.

  • Right facing (Receptive) - ideas will come when resting, meditating, or sleeping

  • Left facing (Strategic) - ideas will come when doing or engaging in something active.

You can also look at your Crown Center. If it's...

  • Defined / Complete- you are regularly inspired and typically have consistent access to new ideas. The trick will be figuring out which ideas to follow, and which to leave alone.

  • Undefined / Open - You are only intermittently inspired and may experience frequent creative blocks or dry spells. Avoid putting pressure and simply allow inspiration to come on its own!

Lastly, you can look at your Self Expression Gate, Gate 1. If it's...

  • Defined / Complete - You have consistent energy and ability to create

  • Undefined / Open - You likely have intermittent energy to create depending on transits and who you're around

What is my mission and how can it help me attract the most aligned clients?

  • Right Angle Profiles (1/3, 1/4, 2/4, 2/5, 3/5, 3/6, 4/6)

  • Life mission/purpose: personal and solo, independent from others. You better the world simply by bettering yourself!

  • Marketing Strategy: Shine your light and focus your content on aligning, improving, and promoting your unique talents and skills.

  • Left Angle Profiles (5/1, 5/2, 6/2, 6/3)

  • Life mission/purpose: social or interpersonal, reliant on interactions with others. You better yourself by bettering the world!

  • Marketing Strategy: Focus your content on service and your larger social impact.

  • Fixed Profile (4/1)

  • Life mission/purpose: Your purpose is inevitable regardless of what you do.Your karma has a blank slate!

  • Marketing Strategy: Have fun and seek out our own joy and pleasure, Lead and inspire others by example

Collaboration & Connection

Marketing is all about building relationships. Human Design helps us to understand and maximize these relationships to their full potential, especially through our communications and interactions.

When we see others strengths and weaknesses it allows you meet them with more understanding and compassion. In this way, Human Design can make us better leaders, facilitators, coaches and consultants.

It is fun and inspiring to work closely with clients, and to see how our Human Design charts, our energy fields, and soul paths blend and weave together - how it feels and how they allow us to see and experience each other.

Each design type has a distinct purpose and influence/impact on those around them.

  • Manifestors are designed to initiate new things and get the ball rolling on changing the world.

  • Generators & Manifesting Generators are designed to work, build and shape aspects of our society.

  • Projectors are here to guide, lead and manage others.

  • Reflectors are a mirror to society and give us necessary, unbiased feedback on the status quo.

As such, there are specific people in the world who can provide each type with the healthiest, most supportive relationship, fully accepting their unique strengths and weaknesses without judgement and allowing them to be their best, most authentic selves.

  • encouraging their most truthful energy in alignment with their Design

  • encouraging them to be bigger and bolder, or to rest when needed

  • respecting boundaries

  • honoring (not taking advantage of) their power

  • encouraging them to trust intuition

  • allowing them to feel fully seen, heard, understood, appreciated, welcome and wanted

What a gift to be able to find a client match where every exchange feels reciprocal and rewarding!

What is my ideal offering to the world?

To answer this question we can look at your Circuitry, which can reveal our larger impact on the world. There are three primary circuit groups which can help you discover

  • Individual - Self Empowerment and Creativity

  • Collective - Community Sharing

  • Tribal - Community Safety

Remember, each type has unique gifts and talents to contribute to the world, but each type also has faults and flaws. Our open gates and centers literally depict our incompleteness. These shadows and shortcomings will always hold us back from our bigger potential and impact- no matter how much inner work we try heal.

So our only way around our weaknesses is to collaborate and connect with others.

Looking at the Undefined/Open and Defined/Closed centers of our clients is one way that we can tune into and support them. These centers can give valuable insight into what they are experiencing, especially as we may not have access to that energy in our own charts.

⁣⁣In summary, HD reminds us...

  • We are each parts of the whole.

  • The most amazing energetic exchange happens in relation to others

  • The interaction of all design types will ultimately allow the world to thrive

  • We need others to offset our weaknesses with their strengths

There will be an innate electromagnetic attraction between people. Someone with a hanging gate is always attracted to people who have the other half of the channel.

So surround yourself with a community or team whose gates and channels complement your own and who share the same values and visions!

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

Mother Teresa

Abundance & Success

Regardless of your HD type, you have a birthright to abundance. We're all here to FEEL wealthy! Note "feel" has nothing to do with the actual amount in your bank account...therefore YOU define and decide your own definition of success!

How will I know if I am successful or not?

To discover your unique definition of abundance, go back to your Type's Signature Frequency (Satisfaction, Peace, Success, or Surprise) but also to your two Profile lines (and any others that frequent your chart). You'll see there is so much abundance that has nothing to do with money!

  • 1st line - excitement and curiosity about a new subject/topic

  • 2nd line - plenty of time and opportunity for leisure and relaxation

  • 3rd line - new experiences and opportunities

  • 4th line - new friendships, business relationships and networking connections

  • 5th line - feeling inner wisdom and self trust

  • 6th line - refreshing perspectives and points of view

Human Design relates to your success because of your personal energy frequency. Money is energy, just as WE are energy. So we must embody the energy of abundance in 5D in order achieve it in the 3D physical realm.

Am I living up to my true worth and value?

Low self-worth, not understanding one's value, is one of the most common experiences of entrepreneurs. As a result we experience scarcity mindset or abundance insecurity. There are two primary Centers that are usually attributed to this low vibration:

  • Heart Center

  • G-Center

Both of these Centers are vulnerable to the false-self or "monkey mind" conditioning which can lead to energy imbalances and thus our ability to make money.

  • Overinflated Egos & Superiority Complexes: feeling entitled to more than what you are actually giving, overcharging for services leading to inconsistent clients

  • Deflated Egos & Inferiority Complexes: giving more than receiving back, undercharging for services leading to unsustainable clients

Mental pressure is another common "ailment" of entrepreneurs. This is usually due to an Open Head/Crown Center and usually manifests as the following energy blocks which impede the flow of abundance

  • Fears and limiting beliefs

  • Ignoring or overriding your intuition

  • Being reactive and going into survival mode

The antidote for all of these entrepreneurial challenges? Mindfulness! Awareness is Growth. Clarity is Power. Release is Renewal. The simplest answer always lies within.

How do I attract the most abundance and success?

Stop separating yourself from your desires.

If you continue believing you need to be "more" in order to hit the income level or call in the clients, you are an energetic mismatch for them coming in NOW.

When you are in alignment with your design and living by your Strategy and Authority, you can channel that "future frequency" - a version of yourself who already is who you aspire to be, and already has the things you desire.

So, TODAY act as if...

  • you have the number of followers that you dream of

  • you have the income that you dream of

  • you have the savings that you dream of

  • you have the clients that you dream of

  • your offers are completely booked

  • your calendar is completely full

Treat your content as important. Invest in high-level programs earning at the income level you aspire to.

Acting "as if" is NOT pretending because You feel it deeply , energetically - which is REALITY, not an illusion.

In this way, Human Design reminds us to...

  • Separate from the ego-writing of the mind in order to shift out of fear/survival mode into Creation and Alignment mode.

  • Heal our relationship to our selves in order to heal our relationship to Wealth

  • Invest in our selves and believe that the money always flows to us when we live & serve others intentionally from our design.⁠

  • Tap into the Feminine - letting go of defenses, removing need for instant gratification, stimulation or validation, releasing motives and expectations, opening self to RECEIVE

  • Live in the NOW. Your frequency in the present moment is the only thing that matters.

Self understanding, self-healing and self-mastery are the routes to manifesting success in business, and life. Our past-life conditioning will make this process painful and uncomfortable in the beginning, but in time we can achieve mastery and a beautiful and sustainable way of achieving our dreams.

HD...My Way

The best part of Human Design is the freedom to interpret the framework as you wish.

You always get to decide what is right for you and HD provides you with the awareness, tools support on what that might look like.

All marketing data points to the fact that when clients/customers Know, Like and Trust us - then they BUY.

So it turns out, listening to myself and BEING myself SELLS!

Entrepreneurism doesn't have to be complicated! When I ask myself simple questions and listen to the answers, everything becomes clear.

  • Intention: What am I here to accomplish? What do I want to achieve? Can I visualize this success?

  • Emotion: Am I having fun? Am I experiencing joy, pleasure, fullfillment?

  • Connection: Am I building an alliance, support, network, community?

  • Concurrence: Am I being consistent with my intention? Am I focused on my vision and acting accordingly?

I’m ready to continue this grand experiment. I'm ready to see what will happen in my life, and in my business, when my decisions and strategies are based on my Design, my nature.

I'm also ready to share everything I've learned in the hopes that it can reassure fellow soul-prenuers that they're not alone, and that together we can move forward with our callings - one small step at a time.

Being an entrepreneur now feels fun, easy and effortless because I'm doing it on my own terms, in my own way. I'm honoring my true nature, and not trying to fit into someone else's definition and conventions.

Are you ready to...

  • Let go of all of the tools, rules and standards you've been taught to keep things orderly and familiar

  • Elevate to a higher dimension of consciousness where we can all grow our businesses in a way that feels most effective, efficient and effortless to our souls.

  • Unlock your true personal magnetism and the next level of success

  • Achieve a life and business of PEACE, PROFIT and PURPOSE

Contact me today for your custom Human Design Chart reading and analysis!


Erin Ratliff is a certified feng shui consultant, holistic business coach and organic growth marketer for earth-loving, heart-centered soul-preneurs.

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