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Serving from Within: Heeding the Call as a Heart-Led & Spiritual Soul-prenuer

"Both Entreprenuerism and Art involve creating something that wasn't there before."

Ryan Holiday

The decision to go from Employee to Entrepreneur is one of the biggest and most transformative choices you can make for yourself.

Across the world, there are millions of people who dream of something bigger and bolder for their life. Entrepreneurism is the vessel that can empower them to do that, making the largest impact and achieving their highest potential.

The word 'entrepreneur' is French, meaning someone who's brave enough and willing to venture into the unknown, like setting sail on the open seas. The roots of the word trace date back to the ancient Sanskrit term: “Antha Prerna,” which translates to "self-motivation"

Indeed, since the beginning of time, entrepreneurs have been incredibly motivated and energized souls who magnetically pull together resources, driven by the vision and desire to call in abundance for themselves and those they serve.

Starting a business is often seen as a financial endeavor, a path to independence, or a means to fulfill one's dreams. However, what many don't realize is that entrepreneurship can also be a deeply spiritual act. Taking the leap into entrepreneurship is also a radical form of self-love.

When you start a business you are not just chasing profits; you are striving to create a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. You're looking for full-spectrum abundance: material wealth, but also joy, freedom, fulfillment and a richness of life experiences.

But entrepreneurism isn't for the faint of heart. It takes an insane amount of focus, dedication and courage to be successful! Unfortunately many hold the dream but are held back by lack of time or resources, as well as their own limiting beliefs and self-doubt. In this post, I'll outline some of the best tips for entrepreneurs to find their stride and reach their goals WITHOUT burning out.

"There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way."

Christopher Morley

Your Higher Calling

Being an entrepreneur is much like being an artist- it involves bringing a vision into reality. This process of manifesting your dream is a spiritual practice in itself. You set clear intentions, visualize your goals, and then take inspired action. You harness the power of the Law of Attraction – the belief that like attracts like, aligning thoughts, emotions, and actions as well as a greater purpose, a higher calling.

Of course, there are many paths to abundance and fulfillment, but if you've been "invited" - either by your intuition, your higher self or spirit guides, to start a business then it's likely going to be a calling you just can't shake. It'll feel like a nagging voice that will keep whispering to you until you listen.

You might be a soul-preneur if...

  • You're tired of letting your life be ruled by other people's schedules and demands

  • You're tired of working the traditional M-F 9-5, 40 hour work week

  • You're tired of living for the weekend, or those 2 weeks of the year when you are "allowed" to take a vacation

  • You're tired of being chained to a desk, a screen and a timeclock for 8 hours

  • You're tired of pointless meetings, business casual attire, and fluorescent lighting

  • You're tired of sacrificing for everyone but yourself.

  • You fantasize about a life free from the stresses of demanding bosses, gossipy coworkers, office politics, alarm clocks, and rush hour traffic

  • You dream of a life of TOTAL FREEDOM and flexibility where you can live and work from anywhere, choose your own hours, take off when you want to,

When you take the leap to become a heart-led freelancer or entreprenuer, life becomes UNCAGED, in the best possible way. You’re suddenly the boss, one with all the power to decide when and where your office will be for the day, as well as every creative decision or strategy needed to build and scale.

Shifting Your Identity

What's the difference between an employee and an EMPLOYER?

It mainly comes down to your mindset. If you are used to work for someone else, it can be tough to shake the employee identity or persona and transition into BOSS mode.

You may feel like you have to….

  • Start and end your workday at a certain time

  • Answer client emails as quickly as you can

  • Say “yes” to every new project and client request

  • Focus on client work before growing your own business

But if you continue to view yourself as an employee, you’ll keep getting treated like one.

Having an "owner mindset" means you're in complete control, and an equal! This looks like

  • Setting boundaries so you’re in control of your workday

  • Viewing yourself as a respected peer to your clients

  • Bringing in new opportunities and ideas instead of only executing deliverables

Get ready to show up as the DRIVER, not the passenger. This is the key to the freedom you’re craving!

When it comes your biz, no one will be more intense and unwavering than you. You, and only you, are in charge of holding the vision of your future. You must hold it until it becomes a reality, regardless of who else is, or is not, on board with it.

You must be committed to your business even if....

  • you have a part time job and can only give one hour to it a day.

  • you don’t get results on the first try

  • you are not in a position to hire a coach or team.

The practice of EMBODIMENT is essential for this. Choose to see yourself as successful, powerful and capable in every circumstance. Who are you BEING? Are you being in your broke-ness or are you handling your business like a boss? Are you the victim or are you in charge? Who you are being, is worth so much more than you bank statement.

Commit to not only play the long game, but also the BIG game. Meet yourself where you are at while holding the vision for where you are going, honor your own timing, value your own unique way of working.

How your business looks and feels when you're struggling in SURVIVAL mode:

  • Winging it daily and hoping for the best

  • Setting goals without any idea of how to actually achieve them

  • Feeling desperate and out of control with finances

  • Focusing on weekly or monthly sales rather than longterm passive income

  • Scared of judgement and opinions of others

  • Lacking confidence in myself and abilities


How your business looks and feels when you're thriving in SERVICE mode:

  • Leading with your zone of genius and focusing on content of service which allows deeper connection

  • Bursting with energy, creativity and new ideas

  • Being playful and joyful with selling everyday

  • Holding confidence in myself and my abilities and talents

  • Seeing and knowing clearly how to reach goals

  • Identifying exactly where I’m leaking energy

  • Continuously evolving

  • Taking what’s working and pursuing it even more

  • Creating a foundation so solid that sales are a non-negotiable

  • Being seen, speaking up, having my voice heard

  • Focusing on high volumes of reoccurring income

  • Establishing lasting customer relationships and building community

ALIGNED ACTION: Write down the vision of what you want to happen in your biz. Everyday. Align your actions with those words and watch your life transform.

"Do what you love and the rest will follow"

Know Your WHY

Entrepreneurship is about doing work that aligns with your values and lights your soul on fire. Building a soul-centered business that fulfills you both financially and emotionally is the ultimate in #GOALS.

You must first, and always, believe in what you are doing. What is your reason for waking up, for showing up?

For some, this life is about geographic freedom. For others, it's about time-freedom. And others, its about autonomy - a freedom of choice and ownership in ALL matters, from small to large.

When challenges arise or you feel a little down on yourself, always go back to the question "why did I decide to be an entrepreneur?" Your answer should align with your values compass and your own unique definition of abundance.

Remember to also examine where your "need" for success is coming from. Is your definition of success about external indicators like money, fame or resources, or is it more about inner freedom, flexibility and fulfillment?

If your desire is generated from a place of Ego then you'll have a need for consistency and comfort and thus your decisions will be based in insecurity, inadequacy, and a fear of failure. Unfortunately in this case when/if you do actually manage to attain your version of success, it will never actually feel good or fulfilling deep down.

Instead, aim to connect deeply to your power and essence within and from there EXPAND into your successful self from the inside, out.

The New Version of Success is not just measured in profit. It's about freedom, flexibility and fulfillment of your Purpose in making a larger impact. The "ROI" for doing what you're meant to do is priceless. Remember, the most important metrics in life (and business) can't be measured on a spreadsheet. You're growing your

  • Time

  • Love

  • Karma

  • Impact

Don't undervalue something just because you can't measure it.

Another part of sustainable success? Baby steps. See your progress as degrees on a clock rather than all-or-nothing mindset. Celebrate those small milestones

Your values are the heart of your brand, dictating how you interact with clients, customers and navigate challenges confidently. They set the stage for a future that resonates with your authentic Higher Self.

ALIGNED ACTION: Journal on your Core Values by asking the tough questions.

  • What drives you and excites you?

  • What you're most passionate about?

  • What principles do you refuse to compromise on?

  • What kind of relationships would feed rather than drain me

  • A list of behaviors and beliefs you won't tolerate in your personal or professional relationships

Getting clarity here will allow you to attract the right clients whose values, behaviors, interests align best, leading to more fulfilling work and sustainable success.

Practicing Radical Self-Love

Entrepreneurship requires extreme dedication, commitment and work. And surviving the rollercoaster of ups and downs requires the consistent nurturing of your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.


Self-care practices can help you stay grounded and focused, offsetting the stresses from daily life and long hours. When you care for yourself, you are better equipped to lead your business with authenticity and purpose. Creating a sustainable work-life balance is essential for soloprenuers. Find the rhythm in your schedule that keeps you engaged in business, play and rest equally. ⁠

  • mindfulness and meditation to calm and center the mind

  • yoga, ecstatic dance or other forms of conscious movement to energize the body

  • positive self-talk and choosing thoughts that feel good

  • regularly journaling on your purpose and process

  • creating a community of people who are also working on their businesses

  • prioritizing extended periods of rest, relaxation and recharging

  • taking regular short breaks to avoid burnout

  • setting and holding boundaries for your time

  • unplugging from technology to spend time in nature or real-world connection

  • time-blocking your schedule or using other hacks to maximize productivity


Self-compassion begins with self-understanding. First, Let go of the concept of “self-sabotage." In reality self-sabotage is just misguided, misdirected self-love.

It's not helpful to label your counter-productive actions and habits in a negative or accusatory way. What IS helpful is knowing that the human brain is WIRED for Self-protection and self-preservation.

While these patterns keep our nervous system comfortable unfortunately they can also keep us stuck, inhibiting our ability to take the necessary steps that propel our business forward.

Once you understand specifically what your avoidance, procrastination or other "bad" self-soothing habits are protecting you against, then you can start to make that part of you feel loved and cared for. Eventually, once it feels safe you will naturally gravitate towards the healthier, more productive choice.

The key is to focus on changing at the core, healing the root cause of where and why those behaviors are there. Again- You’re not self sabotaging. You’re simply doing your best with what you have, and what you know, where you are.


As a complex human being, your neurological system (your mindset) or your nervous system (your emotional state) can derail your progress at any time.

So you must commit to doing the Self-Healing needed to stay on track. This is about facing allll of your inner clutter and gunk, which looks like..

  • clearing and releasing limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset and insecurity programming

  • repeating affirmations such as “I am learning, building and growing my business every day and "I am worthy of full-spectrum abundance and success"

  • practice forgiveness to self and others to releasing from past pain

  • avoiding negative self-talk in the form of blame, criticism, judgement, self doubt

As a conscious soulprenuer we must constantly be doing the work to soothe and regulate your nervous system. That being said, the most sustainable growth requires periodic discomfort, not constant stress.

The goal of self-healing is to build wisdom, resilience and strength, to handle the logistical and emotional intensity that will inevitably arise on your entrepreneurial journey. It's about slowly training your body to calmly respond, not chaotically react, to challenges and stress.

The Gift of Failure

Despite the often-glamourized benefits that entrepreneurship and freelance life brings, the reality is that this career path isn’t for everyone. An immense number of obstacles and setbacks await from all angles- outside us, around us, and of course - inside of us. Are you equipped to emotionally, mentally and spiritually handle this adversity?

  • Financial uncertainty, including irregular paychecks, resource constraints, economic downturns, lack of funding, cash flow issues.

  • Administrative and operational details like marketing, pricing, branding, accounting, taxes

  • Challenges in acquiring and retaining customers - market competition and the struggle to stand out, shifting customer preferences or trends

  • Legal or regulatory hurdles - intellectual property protection and infringements.

  • Marketing obstacles like reputation management, crisis mitigation, self-promotion

  • Technological problems, changes and adaptation

  • Work-life balance and burnout - mental and physical health issues, isolation

  • Internal pressures- family expectations, fear or failure and judgement,

  • Poor self-concept - negative self-talk, self-doubt, co-dependencies

As a team of one, these challenges will demand your leadership capabilities, your calmness, and your confidence and perserverance. And hiding within each difficulty is an opportunity for spiritual growth-- a chance to learn, adapt, and evolve.

There will be mistakes and mis-steps, but there's no use in beating yourself up about them. Remember, your worth is not tied to your PERFORMANCE OR STATUS - your job title, salary, or financial bottom line. Ignore your inner critic and keep moving forward.

It's ok to stumble. It's ok to fall short. The most important thing is to try again. Be committed to the journey, not the destination.

Get Real

Many people who are developing their business early on carry a “lottery mentality” and assume their business is going to happen overnight and save them from all their troubles. Although it’s true that you are capable of having a wildly profitable business, most of the time this will take years, sometimes decades, to build.

Think of your business like an infant child. You wouldn’t expect your baby to take care of you, the adult. It takes immense time and effort of learning to create that stability where you can rely and trust it to sustain on its own. Consider yourself lucky if you can source your livable income from fulltime employment, credit loans or family support while you build your dream. That is a privilege many do not have.

ALIGNED ACTION: Check-in regularly. Take time to contemplate your business. Focus on what IS working in your biz, rather than spiraling about the ugly, the bad. Is it a relationship, a network, a piece of content? Once you find what is feeling most aligned, then ask yourself, how can I reproduce and expand this result and make it work on a large scale? Always follow the FLOW.

A Servant's Heart

A spiritual approach to entrepreneurship places a strong emphasis on ethical "servant leadership". When you conduct your business with integrity, honesty, transparency, and a commitment to making a positive impact, you are not only providing exceptionally valuable service to the clients and customers, but you are also infusing the work with greater depth and meaning.

Spiritual service looks a lot like customer service

  • Prioritizing client and community satisfaction

  • Being responsive to the problems and needs of others, thus building a strong foundation of trust and reliability

  • Seeking feedback in order to continuously improve

  • Active listening, empathy and compassion in order to build a heart-based connection & good-will

  • Delivering valueable, high-quality products, services or information

  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability

  • Social justice - breaking down the oppressive systems of patriarchal and misogynistic culture

Yes, your small business can be a larger tool for supporting the greater good of society and the collective. What a gift!

"Success is not a destination, it's a journey. It's making progress every day towards a worthy cause."

Helene Sewell

Permission to Pivot

Your business is an extension of yourself, and as such will be ever changing and evolving.

As the author of your life you can write a new story at any time. As the captain of your ship, you can shift gears and reinvent your business. Your biz will inevitably transform, just as you do. This is especially true if you are a multi-passionate, multi-potentialite. There will be so much that fascinates and inspires you.

Year after year, your business becomes a larger compilation of each healing journey, every passion and interest, every "rabbit hole" you've visited, and everything that lights you up.

You may spend a long time trying to clarify your brand or identify your niche, your target customer, and to accurately, clearly label what it is that you do. That's ok. The greatest works of art take time.

GOING ALL IN as a soulpreneur means…

  • Staying true to what feels intuitively right even when everyone around you says otherwise

  • Deciding that you are going to bet on yourself every single day, deeply trusting your intuition, your capabilities and divine guidance and timing

Although choices and options may seem limited, you have the power to decide what comes next, through every tiny choice. When we take responsibility for what we choose, we can step into owning our power and being accountable to our choices.

Your Spiritual Identity

When you decide to start a business, you are taking control of your destiny and choosing a different path. This act of breaking away from traditional roles or expected career paths can be a powerful way to disrupt negative karmic cycles and release generational curses related to finances, relationships, or even the perception of self-worth.

Starting a business challenges these internal programs by defying the norms of the past and creating a new legacy for your family. You become the change agent, rewriting the narrative for future generations. Your success can also inspire others to break free from their own perceived limitations.

Solopreneurism is scary, especially for first-generation entrepreneurs or those who are considered the "black sheep" of their family or community. It may feel like you don't know what you're doing or that your progress is slow, but trust that you're doing MAJOR things in the big evolutionary picture. You're...

  • clearing past karma

  • releasing old wounds

  • breaking curses

  • completing cycles that were previously left open-ended.

  • making a difference in the collective

Perfection is NOT required for this mission. Doing your best is all that matters! Success comes when you jump in to the deep end, giving your whole heart and full soul! As long as you’re called to do this business to serve people and not just to make money, you’ll stay on the path and eventually find abundance you've been seeking.

Vibrational Alignment

Your spiritual business isn't just about profits, products, services, and strategies – it's about ENERGY.

As spiritual entrepreneurs, we are creating a magnetic energetic field that our clients are picking up on, even if they're not consciously aware of it. This vibration is like a secret code that connects you with clients on a frequency that words can't fully capture.

Begin to have a conscious awareness of how your business FEELS. What kind of energetic container are you creating?

When your approach to biz is too YANG (masculine, assertive, direct, 3D) your clients can feel this, and it is offputting. Instead, aim to align with more the 5D, the feminine- which is about the "BEING", not the "DOING". This is where you can find a divine and harmonious flow where opportunities naturally come your way, and so does the money.

ALIGNED ACTION: Practice "leaning out" wherever you are anxious, hyperactive or hypervigilant in your business (or relationships or life in general). Shift your focus to more play and pleasure instead of results and outcomes. Loosening your grip can actually bring in more abundance!

"The two things in life you have total control over are your attitude and your effort"

Billy Cox

Your Power & Potential

Your business is a living, breathing reflection of your consciousness. You become unstoppable, invincible, superhuman when you focus on things people cant take from you: Your ENERGY is...

Your Attitude & Mindset

  • Your can-do attitude

  • Your growth mindset

  • Your positive self-tak

  • Your consistent outlook of gratitude

  • Your presence

Your Personality & Character

  • Your sense of humor

  • Your decision-making, risk-taking capabilities

  • Your self-discipline, actions & behaviors

  • Your courage and fearlessness

  • Your voice- speaking up

  • Your integrity truth and transparency

  • Your generosity, compassion and kindness

  • Your values and morals

  • Your breath and movement

Your Connections & Community

  • Your digital reach

  • Your in-person network

  • Your mastermind group

Your Focus & Intention

  • Your S.M.A.R.T Goals

  • Your vision and mission

  • Your consistency and persistence

  • Your priorities

  • Your boundaries

All of these are part of your personal and professional power, providing opportunities to grow, learn and master while also influencing and empowering others. Master these things, and you'll not just be surviving, you'll be thriving.

Make sure to avoid the toxic habit of comparison. Keep your blinders on and don't worry or make assumptions about people who've already reached the success you aspire to. It is highly likely that they have their own struggles and stories.

Think of your spiritual biz journey as a treasure chest of beliefs, emotions and self-discovery that might have stayed hidden had you not embarked on this mission"

Kimberly Maska

Remember, you're not just starting a business...You're

  • taking control of your financial future

  • breaking karmic cycles

  • following your highest calling

  • channeling divine creative Source

  • challenging generational curses

  • weaving a tapestry of energies

  • nurturing your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

  • touching and transforming lives

  • contributing to the greater good

  • healing wounds from the past

  • leaving a legacy for the future

  • alchemizing pain into power

  • clearing past karma

  • releasing old wounds

  • breaking curses

  • completing cycles that were previously left open-ended.

  • making a difference in the collective

This is the Hero's Journey. As you manifest your vision, learn from setbacks, build with integrity, and seek abundance in all aspects of life, you are embarking on a path of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Remember that entrepreneurship can be a sacred and spiritual act that not only transforms your life but also the lives of others.

Remember, challenges and obstacles are inevitable as a soul-preneur . But despite this you must believe that it's possible for you!

You are brilliant, creative and capable of overcoming any struggle ahead.

You will figure it out. You will get there.

And I'm here for you, every step of the way.


Erin Ratliff is a certified feng shui consultant, holistic business coach and organic growth marketer for earth-loving, heart-centered soul-preneurs.

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