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Harmonizing Your Content Marketing Strategy Using the 5 Elements of Feng Shui

Content marketing is a one of the most committed undertakings in your business growth strategy. In order to create a sustainable and regenerative flow of content, you must have focused consistency, while also offering a balance of topics to appeal to your audience.

By incorporating the 5 Elements Theory and other ancient principles of Feng Shui you can enhance the energy of your content and create a dynamic and effective content calendar that will be fun for you to implement, and fun for your audience to read.

"The elements are the simplest expressions of energy, and their different combinations create all the complexities of life."

Scott Cunningham

Your 5 Content Pillars

Incorporating elemental principles into your content calendar offers a holistic approach to health and wellness content, helping your audience cultivate greater self-awareness, balance, and vitality.

There are core energetic themes, characteristics, symbolism and larger significance of each of the five elements which create the foundation of your content. Simply brainstorm and assign specific themes or topics that align with your content objectives and audience preferences.


growth, renewal, innovation, expansion, and creativity.


passion, peak, enthusiasm, inspiration, motivation and transformation.


practicality, stability, grounding, nourishment, and nurturing.


strength, data, precision, productivity and organization.


reflection, introspection, storytelling, adaptability, and intuition.

"In understanding the five elements, you begin to understand the laws of nature and to live in harmony with them."

Lao Tzu

Balancing the Elements

The key to a harmonious content calendar is achieving a balance among the five elements. Aim to distribute content themes evenly to ensure a diverse mix of topics and energies throughout the year.

Different seasons are associated with specific elements, offering opportunities to share tips, tricks and insights on various aspects of health and well-being that are educational, enriching and engaging to your audience.

WINTER: Water & Metal

Themes: Reflection, Introspection & Goal-Setting


  • Reflection on the Previous Year

  • Goal-Setting & Planning

  • Storytelling - History, etc


  • Self-Love & Self-Care Practices

  • Relationship Wisdom

  • Stress-relief methods


  • Personal Growth and Development - embracing change

  • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency

  • Developing Intuition

  • Understanding/Embracing Neurodiversity

SPRING: Wood & Fire

Themes: Personal/Professional Renewal, Motivation & Growth


  • Connecting with Nature

  • Sustainability, Conservation


  • Spring Cleaning/Decluttering

  • Minimalism

  • Career Growth/Development- Remote Work, Job Searching, et

  • Marketing, PR, SEO


  • Mindfulness & Meditation Techniques

  • Feng Shui & Energy Modalities

  • Igniting creativity

  • Ikigai/Purpose

  • Manifestation

SUMMER: Fire & Earth

Theme: Holistic Health & Wellness


  • Healthy Eating and Nutrition Tips

  • Recipes


  • Financial Health

  • Work-Life Balance


  • Physical Fitness, Movement and Exercise

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

FALL: Metal & Earth

Theme: Gratitude, Celebration, and Giving Back,



  • Productivity & Organization, Time management


  • Gratitude Practices

  • Tradition, Culture


  • Acts of Kindness and Generosity

  • Gift-Giving

  • Family & Community

  • Looking Ahead - Setting Intentions

Feel free to customize these themes and content ideas to create a calendar that resonates with your audience and aligns with your brand or personal preferences. Happy planning!

"Balance is not something you find, it's something you create."

Jana Kingsford

Resonant Content Creation & Distribution

Consider the key principles of Feng Shui when planning the creation, distribution and promotion of your content:





Remember, no matter the season, your content will only be sustainable and aligned if it's AUTHENTIC to you, reflecting the genuine values, voice and personality of the brand. Next, in order for it to resonate with your audience it must also be RELEVANT to their unique interests, needs or concerns.

The most effective and engaging content will meet at least one of the following goals while establishing credibility and fostering connection and trust:

  • Educational: sharing valuable information and insights, enriching the audience's knowledge, addressing their needs and interests, breaking down complex concepts, offering practical advice, or sharing industry updates, informative content establishes credibility and builds trust with the audience.

  • Entertaining: capturing and maintaining the audience's attention, using compelling storytelling, interactive elements, visuals, and other techniques to keep them invested, fostering a sense of connection, encouraging participation

  • Empowering: inspiring an action or conversion, empowering the audience, providing clear guidance and tangible takeaways, driving meaningful outcomes for the audience AND brand, persuading a measurable or noticeable change

"Content is anything that adds value to the reader's life." - Avinash Kaushik

Don't forget the following tips as well:

  • Ensure a dynamic, smooth and logical progression of topics, guiding your audience through a journey of discovery and engagement across the seasons.

  • Strive for consistency in the frequency and intensity of your content, avoiding periods of overload or stagnation.

  • Create a cohesive and unified content calendar that aligns with the seasons and your brand identity and values, fostering a sense of connection and resonance with your audience.

  • Periodically assess the performance of your content calendar using metrics such as engagement, conversion rates, and audience feedback.

  • Stay attuned to shifts in energy and audience preferences, and be willing to adapt your strategy accordingly. Whether it's refining your content themes, adjusting the frequency of your posts, or experimenting with new formats, remain flexible and responsive to the evolving landscape of content creation.

Wrapping It Up

The five elements teach us that everything in the universe is interconnected and interdependent, and that true harmony comes from balancing these energies. Just as we need to balance the elements within our spaces and our selves, we need to balance the elements in our conent for optimal health and well-being of our businesses.

By integrating the principles of Feng Shui and aligning with the natural rhythms of the seasons into your content strategy, you can elevate the energy and impact of your work.The key lies in intentionality, mindfulness, and a willingness to embrace the dynamic interplay of energies in your business growth journey.

A harmonious flow of content that resonates with your audience will help you build a deeper connection with your audience, while also contributing to a larger mission of personal and planetary healing and collective well-being. As a heart-led solopreneur, what more could you ask for?


Erin Ratliff is a certified feng shui consultant, holistic business coach and organic growth & visibility marketer serving energy-sensitive, earth-loving, heart-led soul-preneurs, self-starters, and founders with the mission of personal and planetary healing.

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