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Did you know...

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing (print, ads, PR etc) AND generates 3x as many leads?

Let me fill you in on a little secret...


A good copywriter is the #1 secret to a successful business!


Whether or not you have a brick and mortar, or offer online sales - or both, you will benefit from optimized copy/content because it translates directly to increased web traffic and sales-  not only now, but also for years to come!

Marketers are drilled with the phrase "Content is King" - because it really is EVERYTHING and will allow you to grow and scale your business when, where, and how you want.

Think about it this way... Your website is the only "employee" you have who is willing to work on-call 24/7. Are you really using it to your full advantage?

Unfortunately, most small businesses do not prioritize their web copy or content because they may not understand the benefits OR they feel it's too time-consuming for their team. The reality is that your blog is the CORE of your content marketing efforts so outsourcing this work can pay huge dividends and return.

Here are the primary reasons why quality (SEO-optimized, lead-converting and reader-focused) digital content can help YOU succeed, and why a professional, niche-specialized copywriter is 100% worth investing in!

1) Because you need to be found by your customers. (a.k.a "Search Engine Optimization")

Your customers are online. Meet them where they are, and allow them to find you in the key moment that they are actively looking for businesses like yours - otherwise your competition will. Users, and therefor search engines, want relevant and authoritative content as quickly, clearly and intuitively as possible. Strategic on-site SEO through the use of key-word optimized blog content has the power to boost your rankings in the search results page in the exact moment that your potential customers are looking for solutions to their problem. When this is combined with off-site initiatives you'll signal to Google that you're worthwhile business and improve positioning in local results and even the map-pack. By making your website search-friendly you'll reap the benefits through the lifetime of your site through ongoing leads, traffic, conversions and revenue!

2) Because you need to win over your customer. (a.k.a "Lead Generation & Sales Conversions")

If someone is reading your blog, they are exactly where you want them to be — on your website, where they can buy from you, or at least consider doing so in the future. Multi-dimensional, educational or informative content marketing builds upon the consumer's psychological and physicals needs: likeability, trust, evidence, and solution. Clear, crisp and compelling written copy will make the best impression because it embodies your brand and YOU as a subject matter expert and leader in your field. Customers want to work with you when they see you as professional, credible, and interesting- a keeper of wisdom and guidance on #allthethings. You can stand out from your competition by tapping into your customers deepest thoughts and desires (and then their wallets) by talking about what resonates with their lifestyle interests and choices. Bonus: Every blog can be an opportunity to tell your story and capture leads and subscribers with links to opt-in forms.

3) Because you need to stay relevant. (a.k.a "Omni-channel Content")

Always looking for fresh and consistent content to share in your latest email newsletter or on social media? New posts are an immediate way to start conversation, make a connect and build community with your target audience. Your long-form blog content can also be repurposed into smaller batches of micro-content to scatter across social platform and fill your content calendar quickly and efficiently. The results can be completely non-transactional, but still wildly beneficial because they build awareness, engagement, relationships, shares, or backlinks. Bonus: Google priorities content that is newer and up to date too!

4) Because you need to save your time and energy. (a.k.a Improved Productivity & Operations)

There's no way around it - Creating quality content IS time-consuming! Protect your essential energy by outsourcing your blog to a trained, skilled, experienced and like-minded (in your niche!) who truly loves (and is good at) the "exhausting" process of research and writing. Delegate away the tasks that drain you behind the scenes so you can be free to focus on your soul-affirming calling/craft and the projects that you'd rather be doing to keep your biz growing upward and out. 

Tempted to follow the "trend" and outsource your content to cheap content mills or the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems? Proceed with caution! Google prefer quality, helpful content written BY people, FOR people. aka REAL (human) writers. That's me!

I am on a mission to change the world... one word at a time.

WORDS MATTER! They hold the power of persuasion - igniting people's thoughts and emotions and influencing their actions and behaviors which can translate to sales and profit. Whatever you're sharing or selling, it's important to make every character count. It can mean the difference of a sale, a new follower, and your customer's loyalty.

From planning and strategy to implementation and execution, I help create unique and high converting content which solves your customers pain points. We'll share your compelling story across channels so that it reaches your target audience, inspiring engagement, driving traffic, increasing opt-ins and boosting sales.

Hire me to craft the exact brand-appropriate messaging  which resonates with your audience and converts words into profit. Whether its in-depth long0form content such as an e-book or an educational blog post, your informational quality digital content has viral potential to make an impact today, tomorrow and years to come.

Work with me and you'll get SEO-optimized content including

  • Click-worthy headlines with research backed keywords

  • External links to authoritative resource and data-supported  citations

  • Evergreen subject matter that will keep you in the search results for years to come

  • Royalty free hi res images that captivate your audience and align with your bran

  • Internal links that cross credit to keep visitors on your site




Please contact me for your unique per-project estimate. 

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