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Why should I hire you?


What is your background in?

Where did you receive your training?

What is a "damselfly"?

What does the damselfly represent?


How do you determine your rates?

How is payment processed?

What is the difference between hourly and package pricing?

Should I opt for single project fee or a monthly rate? 

What is your payment schedule like? 

What are the penalties of unpaid invoices?​

Can I have a free trial? How about a discount?

Are there any hidden fees?


What does the client on-boarding process look like?

How long will it take to see the results of your marketing work?

What does your ideal client look like?

Are there any digital marketing services that you do not offer?

Other than payment, what do you need from me?​

Is there any "fine print" to your contracts/agreements?


What is 'holistic marketing'?

What is your favorite marketing analogy?

Why do you enjoy marketing?

What is your least favorite part of marketing?

What is the most obscure or unknown marketing wisdom you have to share? 

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Why should I hire you?

  • Because you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't need help. Ineffective marketing tactics, a lack of marketing awareness, or poor marketing-based decisions are one of the top reasons why most new businesses fail. If you don’t know where to start or how to market a business, it’s OK. That's why I am here. 

  • Because I can help you. You don’t have to wear all the hats when someone else is qualified to wear a few of them for you. I know a tremendous amount about this industry, have a portfolio of incredibly diverse work to draw my experience from, and an outstanding foundation of skills to gain expertise from. And because no one is perfect and all-knowing, I should mention that I love a new challenge and am naturally curious. At the drop of a hat, I will research and learn anything I am not comfortable or familiar with.

  • Because there is no one else like me. If working with a large agency or marketing firm make you feel overwhelmed, I am your gal. I thrive in a one-on-one environment, and know that the trust we build together will only benefit your business. I have a history of producing positive outcomes and results for clients. I am reliable, an exceptional communicator, resourceful problem solver, extremely organized with an attention to detail.  As both a Dreamer AND a Doer, a Pollyanna AND a Planner I can intuitively see and understand all sides of your business journey and your team. Let's do this!


What is your background in?

I am proud to be a multi-hyphenate - which means I enjoy many passions and have a variety of skills and talents. I have worked in leadership and support roles across a variety of sectors including:

  • Education & Enrichment

  • Medical  & Healthcare

  • Beauty & Aesthetics

  • Conservation & Environmentalism

  • Holistic Healing & Wellness

  • Tourism & Recreation

  • Metaphysics & Spirituality

  • Interior Design & Home Organization

Where did you receive your training?

A combination of real-world on-the-job experience AND self-directed learning! I have over a decade of marketing experience for nonprofits and in the agency setting where I learned from mentors, superiors and clients. This is supplemented by years of daily self-study in reading marketing books, newsletters and following industry leaders. I have also completed a few key certification programs, such as Google's Digital Garage and Mountain Bizwork's Foundations of Business course. ​I received my Reiki certification from the International Reiki Training center, my certification as a Feng Shui consultant by the Earth Home School of Feng Shui, and am a dedicated member and Red Ribbon professional of the International Feng Shui Guild. Check out my LinkedIn profile to see my diverse employment and education, in which each path has equipped me for where I am today as a Freelancer, Consultant, Coach and Creator. 

What is a 'damselfly'?

A damselfly is a related subspecies of the dragonfly. Like the dragonfly, they are predatory aquatic insects that can be found in a rainbow of iridescent colors and across most parts of the world. The majority of their existence is spent in water, growing into adulthood as an agile flyer for only a small fraction of their lives. Unlike the dragonfly, the damselfly has a more dainty appearance, a slimmer shape and smaller wings that rest above their bodies rather than out to the side as dragonflies do.

I chose the damselfly name and design because the dragonfly is my 'totem animal' - a familiar spirit often appearing in life at the most serendipitous moments. The damselfly is the polarity of the dragonfly- representing a powerful feminine energy which reflects my own spiritual transformation and self-illumination journey as I released the Damsel archetype. It also is a symbol of the Gene Keys brand - a system which I came upon after discovering Human Design. Lastly the damselfly embodies the core values of my brand: living in service and social responsibility, living in authenticity, and seeking process-driven growth which are clear metaphors for business development and marketing.




How do you determine your rates?

I base my rates off of current industry standards as outlined by the American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI), as well as on-going benchmarking with other freelancers, consultants, and virtual executives. This breaks down to anywhere from $50-$150 an hour depending on the project, although I do not bill by the hour.


As a self-employed professional, I factor in the following overhead costs when setting my package rates:

Note, note of the above even includes the actual TIME it takes to work on projects.

How is payment processed?

There are a few ways we can coordinate payment and invoicing, but beyond the options below I do not make exceptions because most turnarounds are less than 3 weeks. I will send an electronic invoice prior to each project via Paypal. Payment can also be submitted via Venmo if needed. 

  • For projects under 30 days: 100% payment upfront with signed contract. Taking care of it all at once is generally simplest and easiest for both parties!

  • For projects over 30 days: 50% payment/deposit upfront with signed contract. 25% at mid-point and the remaining balance due at completion, or at 90 days, whichever comes first. At specific milestones you'll receive video or images oas review on a call or recorded video. Final work will be delivered once final payment is received. 

  • For long-term/retainer clients: To establish mutual trust for the first three months, I require full payment upfront but after that, the next three can be paid half upfront, half at completion. After 6 months of working together payment can be processed after, although I will require a credit card on file.

Why do you only offer project-based work? What is the difference between hourly and package pricing?

My business model is to charge by project. I do not offer an hourly rate as I get paid for my expertise, not my time.

From my experience (and many other freelancers)  there are many inconveniences and inefficiencies involved in hourly time-tracking and billing, including slower longterm improvement due to rushed strategy, disorganized planning, micromanagement and over-charges. As such I prefer to offer ad-hoc packages and charge per project based on a variety of factors.

The nature of marketing can easily be 15 mins here and there so ultimately it is cheaper for you and easier for me to have a monthly rate. A package rate will also include a set amount of hours for calls, emails, etc and additional consult time can be added at an hourly rate.

The advantages of this structure are a set price clients can add into their budget, with no surprises. This way you also get a guaranteed result regardless of how many hours I work. For cost-senstive clients I provide a very general itemized breakdown of my work process/phases with overarching turnaround times so that they see the value of work and feel safe and comfortable in their investment. In this line of work, every project involves hidden research, experimentation AND production.

If the work has a limited scope with a clear start and end, OR if the end goal of your project is unclear then a one-time project fee is best. However if the work is on-going then a monthly retainer makes more sense. There may be times when clients will need both simultaneously and when that happens I will bill for both. I offer an hourly retainer program for clients whose needs vary each month. Clients book a set number of hours each month to use toward their goals. We kick off each month with a strategy call to outline their most pressing goals, and then I get to work, sending deliverables as they're ready. 

Note: One-time projects are helpful but do not often make sense with the time and effort needed for client onboarding. I enjoy offering a hybrid model of services where I can keep a good balance of both retainer client and single-project clients. Creating custom packages is not energy efficient, so I now offer fixed bundles of the combined services and deliverables that together provide the most obvious value and measurable impact for my clients.


Still not sure? I am happy to offer clients a paid "test project" before transitioning to a monthly retainer!

I charge hourly for consulting, at a rate of $180/hr. For small tasks or projects I can also charge hourly but will bill to the nearest 30 mins. Lastly if I absolutely must bill by a time period (instead of a project fee), I will do so by the DAY. I look forward to crossing that bridge together and outlining the work, and cost, individually with you.

Note: For your and my legal safety, I require a firm contract by project. I am not a w2 employee so there should be no expectation from clients to complete or document work based on hours. Please consult with your attorneys for more information on this from a tax and legal standpoint.


What does the client on-boarding process look like?

First, we'll have a discovery phone call or in-person meeting to discuss your needs and goals. Then I'll come up with a detailed proposal which includes your projected pricing for the project, or as a monthly retainer for ongoing work. Once approved and a portion paid (usually half up front) , I'll provide a more detailed custom longterm plan mapped out. From there I'll be your guide for each step along the way, and depending on our contract agreement, implement the project directly.

How long will it take to see the results of your marketing work?

First, it's OUR marketing work, as there are many responsibilities that are shared as we collective work towards the same goal: profitability. Depending on these goals and the specific service agreements, results could be immediate, or could take as long as 6 months or more. There are multiple variables at play (time, tools, resources, research, development, industry/niche, location, etc) and so many external unknowns (audience attitudes, consumer trends, algorithms and more). Lastly, it's important to remember the famous "Project Management Triangle" (Good/Fast/Cheap). I can absolutely fulfill your need of cost-effective and quality work, but speed of conversions is not a guarantee.

What does your ideal client look like?

I have always gravitated to work that uses purpose for profit. My services will pair best with soul-centered, changeworkers and changemakers- ranging from innovative startups to mission-driven organizations and passionate leaders who are passionate about social and environmental responsibility. I am particularly empathetic and understanding to the unique challenges of female soloprenuers, but I will always make exceptions for the right person. There has to be a mutual synergy though of course. The truth is that I will not end up working with every person I speak with. Each potential client has a prerogative to find the pricing and person that will work best for them. Similarly, I am also looking for the specific right fit too. I am ok being selective with clients to find those who are selling a high quality product or service that contributes to the greater good, and has potential for profit. This person would also be patient, trusting, respectful, and consistent, reliable communicators.

Are there any digital marketing services that you do not offer?

Right now I do not offer the following services because I either do not consider them as part of a holistic, organic marketing strategy, because they are logistically difficult for a third-party to manage, or because they are simply not in my "zone of genius."

  • Social Media Management: Planning, creating, scheduling, and analyzing content on social media platforms. 

  • Email Marketing: Designing, executing, and monitoring email campaigns to reach and nurture leads

  • Advertising Campaigns: Planning, executing, targeting or retargeting paid media campaigns across various channels ie SEM/PPC or SMM.

  • Marketing Automation: Implementing automated processes for repetitive marketing tasks.

  • Event Marketing: Organizing and promoting events to engage the target audience.

  • Influencer Marketing: Collaborating with influencers to promote products or services.

  • Mobile Marketing: Optimizing marketing strategies for mobile devices and apps.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Rewarding affiliates for driving traffic or sales to the company's products or services through the affiliate's marketing efforts.

  • Product Marketing/E-commerce: Selling of goods and services, encompassing online transactions, electronic payments, and digital business interactions.

  • Advanced data analytics

  • Advanced graphic design or professional video creation or editing

While I have a reasonable knowledge base in many of these, I have decided to focus my efforts in a more narrow way. However if any of these above offerings seem to be in demand with my longterm clients then it is definitely something I will consider adding to my menu of services.

What is the onboarding process like?

​Here is an overview of what I need to do my job effectively, which will be outlined in more detail in the contract.

  1. Clarity: a specific vision and goals which we will work together to gain if you don't already have them)

  2. Information: account logins, important data, background info etc

  3. Assets: product photos, employee bios etc

Unfortunately, without these essential details, the project will come to a standstill and remain incomplete indefinitely.

Is there any "fine print" to your agreements?

I believe in integrity, honesty and transparency. As such there are no hidden fees, placement fees, termination fees, or long-term contracts. Everything can be outlined in my comprehensive rate sheet. I prefer to be as transparent as possible, so my service contracts are fairly simple and direct. Here are a few key points that may differ from a conventional agreement.

  1. There are no refunds. 

  2. Stop payment requests must be made 14 days in advance.

  3. I charge hourly for any unplanned tasks and projects that are outside the terms outlined in the client agreement.

Still unsure about something? Just ask!


What is 'holistic marketing'?

This is the term I use to describe my unique approach to marketing. It involves viewing your business from all angles - your customer, your audience, your funnel, your product. Everything is intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. You can't know one without knowing the full picture. I also have a spiritual perspective to my work. Marketing is ultimately a form of energy exchanged and consciousness.

What is your favorite marketing analogy?

Marketing is a lot like building a house...

1. You need an expert. Just as you hire a contractor to plan and construct the project from start to finish, you should do the same with your business - it requires a special set of skills and training. Business owners and their stakeholders should not waste their time and energy being involved or distracted by the process - leave strategy and implementation to the experts! We're here to meet your goals, providing solutions and results. Instead of worrying about the How, focus on the What and Why. 

2. It takes time. Also building a house, and marketing a business, doesn't happen overnight. Even after months or years of work and even if it appears done on the outside, as any homeowner will tell you, your home is never fully complete because tastes, trends and your family's needs are always changing.

3. It's worth it in the long run. Your home, and your business, are worth investing in. They are the foundation of your success, your future.

Why do you enjoy marketing?

I love that marketing is so multi-faceted- both as an art and a science. It makes me feel alive to activate both sides of my brain - the creative, artistic and visual mixed with the experimental, analytical and measurable. As a human geographer and psychologist I enjoy studying the relationships that people build- to each other, their surroundings, ideas, and information. It demonstrates how universal the need to share and connect is universal. As a scientist I love how structured and systematic marketing can be - that you can create repeatable steps. Lastly, as a productivity enthusiast I thrive in seeing the development, progress and completion of a project. I love the thrill of untapped potential- unveiling the hidden possibility and opportunity within everyone and everything.

What is your least favorite part of marketing?

It's always moving target and always changing so it can sometimes feel like you're never going to get ahead. It's also extremely misunderstood (marketing is NOT sales) and therefore frequently undervalued. Also, the myriad of industry jargon can get confusing, as every marketer comes from a different "school". I have deliberately scattered marketing terms throughout this site to demonstrate the depth of my specialty, however I do not expect most clients to know these words. :) Lastly, I am very conflicted about social media. I think it is a phenomenal tool for connection and promotion however because it is so easily accessible it is often over-used and abused.

What is the best marketing advice you have to share?

-BE PATIENT! The overwhelming majority of people don't buy from their first, second or third interaction with your business. Marketing takes time, and your success is worth waiting for.

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