mindful + modern business 


using the universal laws of nature
Offering full-service marketing strategy + support for soul centered visionaries
  • Custom Content Creation + Brand Development
  • Multi-media Communications + Concierge Services 
  • Organic Growth Consultations + Project Management
  • Innovate Marketing Science + Strategy
  • In-depth Digital Insight + Optimization

As a certified Feng Shui consultant I am attuned to the energies and
opportunities which allow people, places, information and ideas to reach
their highest potential. Join me in mastering the digital landscape using
the ancient wisdom of the earth.

Using a holistic energy-based lens to solve YOUR real-world conversion problems with mindfulness + intention.

In gratitude,
Keyboard and Mouse
I know what you're thinking...
What does any of this have to do
with Feng Shui?

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