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marketing solutions
rooted in nature's wisdom

A HOLISTIC approach to content marketing + copywriting 

for heart-centered, eco-conscious healers & helpers 


Are you a compassionate change-maker or purpose-driven small business that needs help mastering the competitive digital landscape?

  • BOOSTING your visibility

  • CONNECTING to your audience

  • ATTRACTING more customers

  • BUILDING your community 

  • CONVERTING existing leads

Look no further!


I am a copywriter and content author/publisher with over a decade of experience in cross-channel digital marketing.


I specialize in custom digital STRATEGY + SUPPORT, as well as crafting educational and enriching subject matter that is specific to the Psycho-spiritual, Personal Development and Holistic Wellness industries:


personal development + lifestyle design


energy medicine + metaphysics



eco-forward natural health + green living

Got a digital problem? I deliver high-value marketing SOUL-UTIONS.  


Using a full-spectrum lens I can help you improve your online presence with inspiration and intention. Together we can create a powerful synergy that solves your real-world business problems and supports both you AND your customers in achieving a higher purpose.


Conversion Copy + User-Focused Content


Site Performance + SEO


Design + Development 


Marketing Science + Theory



High-class Hippie meets Witty Wordsmith.

Triple-certified Transformational Leader.​

Multi-passionate Lifelong Learner.

​My name is Erin and it is mission is to help busy professionals share their gifts farther and wider so that they can get back to their energetic center, change more lives and create a better future for all.

In other words, I support you so you can support others.


As a certified energy healer and wellness coach I am attuned to the universal laws of nature - the vital opportunities and energies which allow people, places, information and ideas to reach their highest potential.

  • Like you, I live and breathe all things Energy and Earth.

  • Like you, I want to contribute to the greater good: People AND Planet.

  • Like you, I am here to make an impact and leave the world better than we found it.

Our niche is shared. Our vision for the future is one and the same. Let's unite together and DO THE WORK.

Download your FREE Brand Discovery + Direction Worksheet

to unearth the soul of your business.

I respect your privacy and will NEVER share your info.

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