As a certified Feng Shui consultant and Reiki healer, I am attuned to the energies and opportunities that allow people, places, ideas to achieve their full potential. Your business is no different!

Your Chi - your life force -  is influencing everything around you, including your ability to be profitable.  As an energy work and healer I am all too familiar with this, and feel called to share my wisdom with others. At the end of the day I want to make sure my clients are able to focus purely on the work they love to do and not be distracted by the 'noise' of the outside world. 

With my background in communications and digital marketing, I have created a revolutionary business growth method that incorporates both traditional and contemporary feng shui principles. I call this Metaphysical Marketing - the use of spiritual principles for advancing metaphysical businesses or any other enterprise with earth-aligned values.


My signature Freedom & Flow Process is a framework inspired by nature. It is a model that can help you design, arrange and enhance your marketing and visibility efforts to support your biggest dreams and goals WITHOUT depleting your personal energy.

What is Feng Shui? 

The ancient practice of using space to create health and harmony. Originating in China thousands of years ago, Feng Shui is one of many powerful tools in the holistic wellness toolbox, used to influence the flow of energy (called Chi) to benefit your life. Based in the concept of 5 earth elements, Feng Shui strives to replicate the natural cycles and sacred rhythms of the universe.

What is Feng Shui used for?

The goal of Feng Shui is to create a mirror of your outside with your inside, and vice versa. Feng shui is most often applied to optimize spaces and surroundings but did you know that these principles can also be applied to your business? Indeed, your business is your life force - a vessel for energy and a symbol of your unique potential to thrive and impact the greater good.


How can Feng Shui benefit my business?

Just as you would examine the energy flow of a space, breaking down the complexities of your business' vision, strategy and plan into the fundamental and simplest parts can help you see opportunities and weaknesses. When you begin to hold your business with greater intention, clarity and consciousness, that same sacred Chi will manifest in the physical world. If you want to scale, up-level and grow then you need to incorporate the essential elements and energies of the earth.

Imagine YOUR Freedom & Flow: where you feel lighter and life gets easier.

Imagine the possibilities of having a business founded upon the exact values and vision you cherish.


acting with clarity and intention every day.


feeling uplifted and support in thought and action.


resonating in complete alignment with your soul's purpose.

What does this look like? 

  • BRANDING and copy that resonates with your audience

  • CAMPAIGNS that increase your visibility

  • CONTENT that drives organic traffic year after year

  • EVENTS that build community and generate leads

  • IDEAS to boost your reputation and recognition as a thought leader

  • STORIES that inspire media and widespread audiences

  • PERSONAS and personalities of your buyers that are agile and relevant

  • COMMUNITIES of loyal advocates and ambassadors to increase referrals

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go farther, go together."  

Be honest- Can you and your small team really handle ALL of this over-flowing potential and possibility? 

Growing a business is just like growing a family - a major life transformation that is not meant to be journeyed alone! It takes a Village. 

Together we will create a well-crafted and customized plan that can grow your business from the ground up, armed with the proven tools, structures and systems to optimize the vital Chi circulating around you (and your customers).


Imagine reaching your highest potential in both your business AND your life, aligning your professional goals with personal intentions - all while giving you more time, money and freedom to do what you want. Travel, Family time, Self-care - all of this is within your reach.

Something worth investing in? Absolutely.

if you're feeling...

  • Overwhelmed

  • Confused

  • Distracted

  • Unmotivated

and you're looking for...

  • Greater wealth + prosperity​

  • Increased creativity + productivity

  • Renewed focus + clarity

  • A life of freedom + flexibility

Then it's time to create and launch YOUR custom metaphysical marketing plan and align your energy with success. Let's chat!