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This contract proposal and statement of work constitutes a legally binding document upon acceptance by both parties.


This proposal has included terms and conditions of our agreement, but is not limited to: 


  • Project Overview: Work objectives, deliverables, and timeline.

  • Scope of Work: Services to be provided, including specific tasks and responsibilities of both parties.

  • Project Timelines: Expectations of key milestones, benchmarks, start and end dates, and any relevant deadlines.

  • Payment Terms: Payment structure, payment schedule, and accepted payment methods.

  • Intellectual Property: Ownership and rights of intellectual property produced during the project.

  • Confidentiality: confidentiality of sensitive information shared during the project and prohibits its disclosure to third parties.

  • Termination: circumstances and procedures for termination of the contract by either party, including any applicable notice periods.


If you agree with the terms and conditions outlined herein, please sign and return a copy of this contract proposal to indicate your acceptance. 


Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.




This contract proposal is hereby accepted and agreed to by:


  1. Erin M. Ratliff,


Authorized Signature: _______________________

Printed Name: _______________________________

Date: ______________________________________


  1. Maggie Valley Wellness Center,


Authorized Signature: _______________________

Printed Name: _______________________________

Date: ______________________________________


Please click each box to indicate you have read the entirety.

REVIEWS/TESTIMONIALS: After several months in working together, satisfied clients agree to provide a brief written testimonial of their experience. This helps ensure my business is sustainable for the long term.

Thanks for submitting!

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